Aloha Spiritual Ninja~


Life can be busy and a lot of us struggle to get rejuvenating rest. We might think we’re taking the time to refuel—but really we’re still on the go. This month I realized I’ve forgotten how to really calm down and be present. As a momtrepenuer of a 3 yr old, it was such a challenge! I bet that’s the case for you too. Do you know how to take a chill pill? Quiet those racing thoughts for more than a moment or two?


With Covid, business is a little slower. Instead of focusing on things I cannot do, I asked, “What is this allowing me to do that I said I would if I had time?” I decided I would use the weekend to unplug and take Bella on little trips. When I tried to close my eyes and relax, the whole thing felt so… foreign. It was like I’d completely forgotten how to calm down and enjoy myself.


As I sat there squirming, I thought about my at-home relaxation practices. And then it occurred to me—I couldn’t remember the last time I’d actually been still. I’m always moving! Always fixing, folding or cooking something, thinking about tomorrow or checking the news, emails, or social media. Sound familiar? I realized I did not know how to REST!

Then I read a blog from Kris Carr about this. There’s real rest… and then there’s putter rest. Real rest is still and restorative. We lay down our to-do lists to really energize and enjoy ourselves. Putter rest, on the other hand, is busy and even a bit frantic. When we’re putter resting, we fill the time with chores and errands, tasks and to-dos.


The truth is many of us have forgotten how to calm down and enjoy ourselves—even when we’ve set aside time to do exactly that. Just “being” can be really uncomfortable when we’re not used to it. Feelings bubble up that we’ve been trying to ignore, or we start to notice the dull aches and pains that we typically power through. So we panic, then we putter…can you relate? If so, know you are not alone!


I had to implement some steps immediately because I can tell its taking a toll on my energy. I’ve had waves of EXHAUSTION because of it. Listen to your body and know its vital to get the REST you need to come home to your body and spirit.


Give some of these tools and tips a try for a 2-4 weeks. It takes time to UNBECOME to BECOME. Check in with the RHYTHM of the season and you. I hope this helps you BREATH, FLOW, and RELAX.


  1. Stop multi-tasking
  2. Start your mornings with miracle morning rituals that feels good to you
  3. End the day with aligning with gratitude and or spiritual rituals
  4. No work or electric devices at least 1 hour before bed. Unplug or turn off as many electric devices as possible. Charge your phone in another room/turn it off!
  5. Drink more water
  6. Moving meditation, qi-gong, restorative yoga, yoga nidra 3X a week, at least 30 minutes
  7. Incorporate herbs, herb teas
  8. Diffuse and apply essential oils
  9. State the intention before doing something
  10. Plan in sleep and rest time. You must make this a priority.


May you be free. May you find peace. May you have grace and courage