Hello JULY! It feels hard to celebrate, what should you celebrate, how, and where will it be safe and fun??? I don’t know about you but it just feels weird, a little disheartening, …so many things are closed…what’s gonna happen now? I had so many questions this morning. I sat for a long time this morning meditating while listening to the sounds of birds and Peace and Calming essential oil in my owl diffuser.


I tuned into this month’s energy this morning and it’s going to be a “yang” month. It’s too much to explain and I’m in a lost for words these days. I tuned into Lee Harris for guidance and he did it so perfectly. Lee is an incredible intuitive and teacher with wisdom and compassion. Click here for the July energy forecast. It will help you navigate the yang energy. 


 Astrologically, we are in 5 retrogrades, the final eclipse, and Mars in Aries. This can be a really aggressive energy and we must be aware of it so we don’t let the frustration and anger turn into apathy, depression, resentment, and rumination, You may find yourself in waves of EXHAUSTION. It’s different from tiredness and fatigue. Self care is really a necessity and vital. Please allow yourself mini breaks in your day. Plan in that slack time. I know I have 1-2P to laydown, earth, sleep, and just rest otherwise I will burn out. 


My word that I have everywhere right now is ACCEPT. When you accept reality, you surrender control and then you begin to FLOW. It’s not weak. Peace, compassion, passion, creativity, solutions, people will be open to you. 


The Universe really is giving you empty space to find your passion, purpose, and expand. There are lots of problems right now. That means there are lots of opportunities for solutions, growth, innovation, and expansion. Something can be activated in you so pay attention to your dreams and telepathy. The universe is helping you and giving you clues. Don’t make LOGIC of it. It’s not going to make sense either. The symbols will make SENSE to YOU! Let go of your expectations and timeline. Plan in more time because everything is delayed for a reason. Allow yourself to FEEL and healthy ways to clear it.


Below are some tools and links attached for you. I’m always here to help you as well. I may be delayed in responding but I will respond. Full time momma has me pivoting a lot these days. It’s why you see Bella in so many of my videos, posts, and even at the studio. These are tools I use almost DAILY.

EFT Tapping

Schedule self care

Bryon Katie: The Works

Journaling: Morning Pages

Secret Swords

Essential Oils

Moving Meditations: Dance, Walking, QiGong

UNPLUG with a getaway and unplug outlets in your home


To serve you more I’m also doing FREE energy webinars every Sunday at 7:30P. Sign up for our mailing list so you get the information.

My YouTube Channel also has many space clearing tips that you can do at home to help you have more peace. Here’s the video for clearing BEDS. 

Sending you Love, Peace, Joy, and Healthy Vibes
Thuy “twee”
Spiritual Ninja, CHO-Chief Happiness Officer