I feel helpless right now but not hopeless. At the beginning of the social distancing order I did the Deepak and Oprah 21 meditation challenge called Hope. Hope has been my word during this time. I even have an essential oil blend called HOPE. 


I am in a lost for words for the last couple weeks where I had to really take myself off the grid because I couldn’t filter the truth with the news and social media. It was very selective because I’m so sensitive to energy at this time. Many of us are because there are 6 planets in retrograde and we are in the midst of 3 eclipses! 


I really have been seeking wisdom and how I can be part of the solution. I’ve been silent so I can meditate, do universal clearings, make sense of all this non-sense. I’m listening to an audible called White Fragility that is very insightful. We all are socially conditioned for racism. This book opens us up with facts and how we can talk about it without defending we are not. I’m also watching Netflix documentaries with my 15 year old stepdaughter and discussing it.


I want you to know you don’t have to post something about the current situation for others to know how you feel or be seen as politically correct. Research before reacting, respond instead of reacting. Don’t feed fuel to this fire. There are so many layers to it and truth is so hard to see right now.


My meditations has lead me to three solutions I want to stand for. I believe our system is broken and we are entering very different revolutionary times that call for FIERCE COMPASSION. Black Lives DO MATTER. However there is more to this. WE MUST GET TO THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM. This is what I am committed to and will LIVE into. If you are looking for ways to be part of the solution, I hope you add  this into your life.  


  1. Help raise the vibration to LOVE and above. At the frequency of LOVE, 500+ hz lower vibrations cannot exist, you can influence more than 700k exponentially, you activate other people just being in your vibrational field, even if it is in the cyber world. Your immunity, courage, and clarity increases. You act in wise compassion and confidence.


  1. Heal the masculine. Divine Love and the Divine feminine will bring back balance for all. Leave every space and person better than you found them.


  1. Help teach kids under 7 compassion and empathy. At the age of 7 your portal to the divine closes and separation begins. We can see more than 50% in ALL our problems with racism, illness, and crimes in our lifetime fade off. There is an organization call ThinkEqual that is a global educational initiative. It initially was on rape and sexual abuse but it is really a VACCINE for all crimes. This is a YouTube video to inform you more. 


There are lots of problems out there. That also means there are lots of solutions. There is a chance for us to be better and opportunities. There is hope and we don’t need to do BIG things to make an impact. We can do small things that lead to be big things. We just need to take the first steps for the path to unfold.


Sending you lots of HOPE and LOVE.