Hello Fellow Spiritual Ninja!


It’s October which means the year is going to go by even FASTER if we are not in awareness. 2020 is going to throw us more curve balls if we don’t pay attention.


In July I decided to get off the grid more, it was my evolve experiment, it’s in my blog. I know this a history making time and life changing time. I still don’t know where I’m going, but I know what direction I’m headed.


September was an awakening month as my step father died, I had to have an emergency blood transfusion, and I’m in a colitis flare. Everything seemed so tough and overwhelming. This last week I spent it recovering, praying and clearing A LOT for my answers. The question I asked myself everyday is “How do you want to LIVE?” and “What do you BELIEVE is Possible?”


I went into a frenzy of starting new things, starting AGAIN things I started in which I fell off…


A huge epiphany hit me: in order to START, I had to STOP doing some things. I had to stop being so BUSY.


I had to also stop with some limiting belief, excuses, judgments, justifications, PROCRASTINATION, resistance, denial, guilt, blame, anger, martyrdom, pressure, perfectionism, over-pleasing, defensive mechanism, obsessive mind, numbing, rumination, multi-tasking, envy, laziness, self loathing, self criticism, comparing, compartmentalizing, over-thinking, distractions, complicating things, over-committing, and being so SERIOUS. Can you relate?


My theme for October is STOPtober.


I hope this creates curiosity in you to explore the stuck energy in you that may be holding you back.


Perhaps right now, have conscious conversations with your family, friends, co-workers in which you start with the question, “What do you believe is STOPPING you from doing more things?”


Some will say money, their resources, time…but when you dig deep, its not the resources. It’s the RESOURCEFULNESS and burning WHY. You’ll be surprised at how much in common you have. You may just OPEN up a relationship to something new. You may get inspired. There are so many ways this could go.


The reason I want to bring this to your awareness is because we are in the LIBRA cycle. Libra is all about relationships, home, balance, and beauty.


Mars is in retrograde this month. The Harvest Full Moon, October 1-3 is also in Aries. Mars Retrograde will have you revisiting your passion so you can CHOOSE AGAIN. It will also be burst of “fire” and frustrations. Don’t let this take you down or hurt relationships. I believe the key to all relationships is communication. This is a time you may get new inspiration, answers, and support. Share your gifts and lean into GRACE. Be open to more connections, create those connections.


I really hope STOPtober is a time you take to examine what has stopped working for you and your health. Change it up for a bit to move the CHI. We are in a transitional time in Chinese Medicine called Late-Summer where we move from yang to yin. So instead of running, do cycling or zumba. Instead of yoga, do the foam roller or qi-gong. Try the OPPOSITE of what you are doing. Breathwork is also incredible to transform and break free from fears and traumas. Be present to where you are at and love your body. Be gentle on yourself. It’s loves you and wants you to be better. It has to STOP you from doing what you are doing. It’s the only way for you to listen, heal, do your life work, and GROW.


Let me know if I can help you START or STOP whatever you would like to accomplish. =)