If you’ve felt a flip flopping of emotions where you are super motivated but then tired, doubtful, angry and lonely…you are not alone. Most of January is a shadow period energetically. Nature doesn’t know good or bad, it just knows what it must do to clear things out so new things can grow. Each year you are suppose to experience a theme. This new energy comes in the first week of February. If you learn how to dance with your shadow, it will help you bring what you judged as “BAD” from the dark into the light. It’s trying to finish up the lesson you are suppose to learn. It is guiding you to make a decision. Tell yourself its all happening FOR you and not TO you. Be open to everything that shows up for your answers. As you know more what you want and what you don’t want, you will find compassion, clarity, and wisdom.
There are things you can do at this time to help this new energy. Rest, dream, write, read, meditate, do creative things. Don’t diet, nourish yourself! Let go of old documents, clothes, and things. Create space for what you want to come in. Plan a pilgrimage. Do things that inspire you and feed your soul. Be around people that support you.
I highly recommend you get the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo. She helps you organize your life in an energetic way, only having things that “spark joy.” You can also catch her new show on Netflix, it will inspire you. There is energetic memory in all spaces and things, it really can be blocks and stagnation for you. It may make things more intense for you.
January of 2019 has two eclipses as well, opening portals. If you do energy clearings this month, you will get to your truths that will set you free and make room for new energy, dreams, experiences, people, and abundance to come in. Please be patient with yourself and practice self-love and compassion.
So get that airbrush spray tan and teeth whitening even if you don’t have a reason! Having a spray tan is like faux vitamin D. It does uplift you and lifts your mood. With whiter teeth, you’ll be confident with your smile. Smiling uplifts you and others. Be sure to smile before they do to direct the energy. =)
I am serious about the shadow period though! The Ascension Station of So You Boutique, our spiritual side is offering lots of events this week to renew your spirit. Hope you can make it many of them. You can also book a private face reading, energy clearing, or space clearing.
Whatever you come in for, I’ll “tune you” at check-out so you re-enter the world at the vibration of LOVE  =)
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