Were you flooded with emotions the last couple of days? It’s hard NOT to be. My heart hurts and I took myself off the grid as I was so sad, mad, and numb. I asked for guidance and where I can be the SOLUTION I wish to see in the world. I looked to Bella for I want her to grow up in a world of oneness and love. I want this for all of us. I just couldn’t make sense of this non-sense.
Even though I am in tuned with the HUGE cosmic shifts, nothing could have prepared me for this darkness. Synchronicity, we are about to start eclipse season. The next 6 weeks will be HOT on all levels. You may feel a surge of energy or a huge depletion of it.
Eclipses has historically acted as a symbolic portal for exponential growth, a time of rapid change, internally and externally. The moon is associated with our subconscious desires and our emotional lives. This could be a time of ACTIVpeace grid garden energy portalATION. I encourage you to have a dream journal and pay attention to your telepathy, empathy, compassion, and passion. Before going to bed, say “Tonight I remember my lucid dreams. Show me what I’m ready to ACCEPT.” You can also ask to reveal the answers for the highest good. This programs your subconscious to seek the answers and give you clues for this new world. We have 3 eclipses in the next 6 weeks, each aligning with the full moon and new moon.
Bella and I walked a lot with our swords doing our meditation. I focused on sacred listening and clearing. My swords name is Justice. They said we MUST vibe higher. One person at the frequency of love (500 htz) can influence more than 700,000 people exponentially. Your vibration matters. It is the light that can shed through the darkness. Sometimes it’s the darkness that helps us see the light. Let us not have the suffering go in vain. Let this be something that unites us. Let this activate the fierce and wise compassion in us. Let this be the time we make an impact and know what we will stand for.
Some simple things we can do:
~Be mindful of your energy and messages you put out there
~Sign a petition
~Make a donation
~Make a phone call
Sending you Love, Peace, Joy, and Healthy Vibes