Holy Cow! How is it September and ONLY September???!!!

So there is this virus that is spreading around… =)

It’s kinda deadly and has everyone in fear. I decided the only things I’m spreading is the vibration of love, healing, faith, trust, grace, compassion, peace, and joy.

I believe we are all in the same storm but we are not in the same boat. One thing is certain, its a time of uncertainty and we are all trying to make sense of this. Nothing makes sense and 2020 continues to deliver such extremes and we don’t know what TRUTH really is.

As we head into the last part of 2020, I want to encourage you to be in your highest vibration and be aware of the NARRATIVE. For this reason, I’m only spreading tips to increase your energy. We are going to need it!

The next 2 months energetically will be mini storms and fires, like what we have been experiencing for last 2 weeks…maybe 3…I don’t know about time anymore because it feels like the twilight zone still.

We are heading into 3 SUPER New Moons and 7 planets are in retrograde. I do believe having your charts done with an astrologist is good for you to navigate these storms. I can refer some to you if you are interested. I do Chinese face reading and energy clearings which aligns with astrology but it is different. The more in the know you are, the more in the NOW you can be.

Like many of you, this year has been tough for me. Never in my life have I felt such polarity. With quarantine, I feel healed and yet I feel broken. I’m confident and insecure. I feel hopeful and yet helpless. Centered and scattered. Wise and naive. I have no clue where I’m going and yet I know what direction I’m headed. Everything is terrible and at the same time everything is well. I’m still sorting through it all…like if I’m going to stay with my partner or not, what to do with my business, how to raise Bella…

I have cried many tears and felt despair, anxiety and frustration, there have also been so many beautiful silver linings of this time. There are days my heart wants to explode out of my chest for the gratitude I feel.

We are about to head into phase 4 of this pandemic. It is imperative that you are aware of the NARRATIVE of your sources and what you choose to spread and share. Please look for your TRUTH. All these small things are being elevated to the 11 scale. The big and really important information is not seen or heard causing so much fear, doubt, chaos, hopelessness…

Don’t let it overwhelm you where it freezes you, has you drinking a bottle of wine and a eat a tub of ice cream! Confession, I’ve been frozen for about 1.25 months before I realized it.

Please know what you STAND for. This can be a great time to align with your tribe, ignite your passion, build a foundation for years to come.  Please don’t try to do things alone and figure it out yourself. Find a friend, coach, healer, accountability partner, therapist to go faster. Don’t be in your head.

I’ve been affirming lately “I will have more break-throughs than break downs with Covid!” Get a spray tan for the quickest pick-me up if needed! =)

Having energy work done can release stuck energy and seeing your blind spots. A space clearing during this time can really clear out clutter and negative energy in your home. I have lots of videos on my YouTube channel that you can do now and regular. Here’s one for how to clear your beds.

If you don’t already use essential oils, I highly encourage it. When confuse, diffuse! It can change your mood in less than 1 minute. It can be used as ancient medicine to boost your immune system. I can coach through this process with Young Living Essential Oils.

May you be Healthy. May you find peace. May you have Grace and Courage.

Sending you Love, Peace, Joy, and Healthy Vibes

Thuy “twee”