My dear spiritual ninjas,


I’ve been meditating more deeply since the riots and going into silence asking for guidance. Covid has changed life and making us all EVOLVE weather we want to or not. Whatever you are NOT changing you are choosing. Read that again. Whatever you are NOT changing, you are choosing.


Recently I went on a pilgrimage to Crestone with the intention of releasing whatever I needed and to be activated with upgrades. I asked to be upgraded to more knowingness, clarity and courage.


When I was at the I am harmony labyrinth, I heard loud and clear: Give yourself permission to EVOLVE. Remember who you are. Other messages that got strengthen were: Be AWARE. ACCEPT. ALIGN. COMMIT.


I left Crestone with calmness and ease but at the same time, “WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN?”


The week unfolds where I’m in waves of inspiration and exhaustion. Awakening and ascension energy can be weird like that. It’s important to flow with it and give yourself space. If something nudges you to explore it, approach it with openingness. One thing you discover, one person you meet, can be part of the puzzle for your evolution. Don’t question it too much because your mind cannot make sense of it at this time. “We shall see” in time.


What you find may even get you mad, or feel like it was a waste of your time, have you thinking you were being silly/stupid. Ask a better question like: “What is it suppose to teach me? Was I hearing it and LISTENING? What am I ready to let go of? What I ready to know now?”


If what you are experiencing is what you believe to be “bad” or “unlucky” for a long time or keeps popping up in your life, go deeper with it or seek answers in NEW sources. “Nothing goes away until it teaches you the lesson you are suppose to learn.” ~Pema Chodron


From now to 8/8, which is the Lionsgate Portal, is a very powerful time to prune your life to direct your growth and evolution. It’s not limited to just this time though. This is a great year to do a EVOLVE experiment. It may be painful, much like birthing pains and the pregnancy process. What is birthed will be a new life…you decide on how you want to experience this process.


Personally I’m taking an intentional short pause to answer the invitation my life is giving me to do things differently. I want to narrow my focus to what truly matters and step away from what can feel like an always-on, cycle of busyness. I’m going to dowse, write, more slow cooking, less hustle. More meaningful living—including using the good silver and candles on a regular Tuesday night—and less grind.


I’m inspired to prune and simplify so I can serve you in new and exciting ways. Whenever I’ve made a big change in my life, I’ve needed time to recalibrate. But I haven’t always given myself that time. It’s so easy to just add more balls to the juggle.


For all of us, it’s tempting to accumulate more and more responsibility without ever pruning our lives and work to create the delicious breathing room our souls want. When I’ve given in to that temptation, I know it hasn’t been good for me. But sometimes it’s difficult to shift the voice that believes that “this is what I need to do to show up and keep it all going.” Sound familiar?


If there are areas of your own life that feel out of balance, or that you just want more time to explore, I encourage you to pause and reevaluate, just like I am. You don’t have to stay the same—even if people want you to. Give yourself permission to listen to your life. Because the pivot you need to make for your own beautiful expansion will become clear in the stillness.


Notice when things aren’t working—pause, evaluate, and give yourself permission to evolve. The status quo is easy. In fact, many of us prefer to operate on old rhythms that are familiar, when in reality, the spiritual riches are on the other side of our discomfort.


So here’s what this means on a practical level. I’m going to read, ride my scooter, run, and do more dowsing exploration. I’m also going to spend more time with myself and my family in a way that doesn’t feel rushed, or like I can’t shut off because even though I’m present, I’m anywhere but there. I’m going to re-imagine how I do business with a team. The same kind of compassion, care and quality you’ve come to expect, will only deepen from our willingness to pause and evaluate before we pivot.


During this break we’ll be doing some housekeeping and rejuvenating our creativity, before we expand our team, our mission and our vision. So time—our most valuable asset—is what we will give ourselves. I hope you’ll do the same if this resonates with you.


I will still be working during this EVOLVE experiment, just limited. I’ll be sharing occasional newsletters and still share posts on our social media. You can still email, text or call, it just may take longer to respond.