On Tuesday June 23rd around 3am,  So You Boutique was broken into. Oddly, the crime scene guy who does the fingerprint was the same guy that did my 1st burglary about 4.5 years ago. They took mostly jewelry, my laptop, and damaged some things. Oh and my lighters! When I went to sage the place and  I couldn’t find any of them. I think that was when I got really pissed. 🤬 


I was calm and had the best conversation with Officer Glenn and the crime scene guy. They were sooo funny, kind, and empathetic. I learned a lot as well. High hours for business break ins happen 11p-3a and on Sundays. Home burglaries are 11a-3p before people get home. Abuse crimes happen everyday 3a-5a after bars close. 


More importantly I learned about the homeless situation in Denver. This moved me as I was essentially homeless for a little while. I was fortunate people took me in. I’m always trying to “find home.” It’s also how I got into space clearing and love giving ninja energy tips for you to find home in your head, heart, and home.


I did a video for insights on YouTube because mercury is in retro and this was the only social media that allowed me to record and share. 

I hope you take time to view it as it could help you see how you can make in impact in the world, how you can transform all the things happening in your life. We are all in the same STORM but we are in different boats. This is a huge time in awakening and activation if we allow it. 


Everything is put back and we are open and operating. We can do appointments at the studio, remote or mobile. 


May you be safe, healthy, and find peace.