Every month, astrologically and energetically a portal open. It is on the date of the month. The two most know are the Lionsgate Portal on August 8, 8/8 and then November 11, 11/11.


Today is 10/10, a portal opens for COMPLETION. There are many themes to completion. Completion can be where something is finally finished in regards to a cycle, project, goal. It can be light heart and simple or more complex. Relationships can be completed, life can be completed. Some things completed can be wiped out completely for new things to begin. This is a really hard one to understand. Some things are completed where we celebrate. Because everything is vibration, I want to encourage you to come into with the perspective of celebration. Experience it for whatever it is, find the beauty in it and move on. This energy is to prepare you for the energies of coming year. A new journey/season will be starting soon.


This is also a very complex time of transition in Chinese Medicine. It’s a time called Late-Summer. It is when the seasons transition from yang energy to yin energy. It is going from the earth element to the metal energy. It’s a time of comparison, having enough, being enough, perfectionism, longing for the past, grief, sadness, if you are doing your life work, and fulfillment.


All metaphysical systems and religions have very similar themes and teachings. All systems are in a state of re-calibrating and balancing. For this reason, my energy work has had many similar types of clients and patterns. As a healer, it is sometimes very hard for me to separate myself from it. After my meditation at 3p I was guided to do a LIVE clearing for you.


This is LIVE remote clearing I do. If you happen to fall onto this blog, this energy clearing and healing will work for you. All you have to do is believe. If you believe, you will receive. Energy is transformed though all time, dimensions, space, and realities. Our logical mind blocks it. If instance, if you listen to song, it can bring you back to a time. It can instantly pick you up right? Energy work is the same. It’s all energy.


I use to not believe in this stuff either. I didn’t always believe in prayers as well. Now I KNOW it all works and I don’t doubt it. You must let go of your perception, judgement, and control.


This remote energy clearing will remove the obsessive mind, numbing, rumination, addiction, denial, over-pleasing, humiliation, overwhelm, and loneliness.  I then install the positive vibration and energy of courage, confidence and clarity. In addition I put a comfort cloak of wisdom on for you. I boost your spleen, liver, and lungs to 100% of it’s full potential. As long as you are OPEN, you will receive whatever it is you need and is appropriate.


Come back to this clearing at anytime. Energy only holds for as long as it needs to and needs to be re-boosted or a new clearing is needed. Share it with others if you find it useful. There isn’t a limit on it.