I hope November has been an enlightening month for you. Right before November, Source had a really strong message for me to be in SERVICE. They want me to give the information and the clearings so you understand the energies for your transformation. It can set you up 3-10 years if you are open.

Today and tomorrow are some of the strongest energetic days for manifesting and activation. November 22, 11/22, contains two master numbers and angel numbers. 22 is the angel number for dreams come true. Doors can open for you today if you sit out 30 minutes to write 22 things you want in the next 3 years and 22 people you want to grow with. Post this where you can see it everyday.

Then see the kingdom you have now and all its blessings. Sometimes we are so focused on our loses that we fail to see what we are given. I wrote a blog on this after watching Narnia:  “I was so focused on getting back what was taken from me, I didn’t see what I was given. I was given a kingdom.” ~Prince Caspian

Syncolistically, I wrote this blog July 11th, 7/11, during the other mercury retrograde.  Source reminded me to revisit this lesson in my meditation today. I hope it helps you see all the doors opening for your new adventures.

Mercury is out of retrograde but this last week of November is actually when you must deal with the emotions and chose what to do with it. Will you transform it or will be stuck? Magic will happen for you in all the LITTLE decisions you make and your openness. I highly recommend using essential oils to align and support you emotionally and physically. Do our 12 day essential oil challenge! Order the premier starter kit on YoungLiving.com with my sponsor number #17089096. My coaching is free and I’m also giving you glass rollers and spray bottles.

As you go about this holiday season, be sure to SMILE before they do and give out more compliments and hugs. These are FREE to give away and the energy it expands is limitless.

Spirit Shift Energy Tip: See The Kingdom You are Given

All my love,