How are you feeling this week so far? I hope you had a chance to do the 11:11 Portal Clearing I have posted on Novemenber 8th. The 11:11 Portal Gateway is open until November 14th. Astrological energy waves are only effective for a certain time.  Once you miss the energy wave, you have to wait for the next one to ride.


It is more beneficial if you do the 11:11 clearing  first. Then do this blessing to integrate it all. Source was very clear to me that this month I only be a messenger for the cosmic good. Only though this way can I do the work on expansively. Last I checked, there were 200 views of the clearing. There is no way I could have done 200 clearings personally. It is my time to be of service for the collective.


This blessing ties in the 11:11 portal and full moon in Taurus energy gateway for November. This is a blessing and grid reset for you to move forward into 2020, your new decade and adventure.


There were lots of things that didn’t go as I had planned for this. We can blame it on Mercury in retrograde! Or we can thank the retrograde for us to be able to choose again and let go of our control and ego. The universe is always funny to teach us lessons and it’s perfect for their message. If you are present and tuned into what’s happening, it’s all happening FOR you and to truly serve others. It’s not my perfect set up but it IS PERFECT! Let go of perfection and let the universe help you create something more Authentic. We are so lucky and so blessed.


Source wants me to remind you that you have EVERYTHING you need right now to be happy, fullfill your purpose, and have more. This remote energy work will change your luck and bring in more blessings. Receive the activation of adoration, appreciation, and abundance. You will be tuned up to the vibration of love. There is OmWork source wants you to do. State out loud how lucky you are and how blessed you are to change your luck and have more blessings. My little girl Bella also does a dance for you in this blessing.

Enjoy and please share this so others can benefit and we all co-create, heal, and thrive together.