2020 will be a faster moving year of building a new foundation and helpers showing up if you were born in 1924, 1933, 1942, 1951, 1960, 1969, 1978, 1987, 1996, 2005, 2014! Yahoo!

According to a system called Nine Star Ki, which has nothing to do with astrology or numerology, each year you are suppose to experience a theme. The cycle is nine years. Some years are more inward so you can do the reflection for the transformation. Some years are more challenging for growth. Some years will be reaping rewards. The year starts February 4th, a time call Imbolc.

So this is when the year is really starting. You should set your reSOULtions and do vision boards. If you’ve already done so, revisit it and see if it still remains true. Add to it if you discovered some things have changed. January is a huge energy clearing month. It’s a time of endings, which is really needed for new beginnings. If you know how to direct the energy, shifts will transform your life. Door will open for you. Negative people and situations will resolve. New life, ideas, inspirations and energy will come in if you allow it and open to it.

This month ask yourself what do I REALLY want? Get to YOUR TRUTH. What brings me joy now? If I was the best in the world at what I do, how would I behave? Then jot down your new standards. You don’t get what you want, you get your standards. Now find pictures, words to do vision boards. You can have more than one. I have one for relationships, business, self, travel…it’s your LIFE! Make it juicy, fun and sexy.

I encourage you to celebrate the person you were because you survived it. You needed those challenges to become who you are now and to make a decision. Have more compassion for yourself. Forgive yourself and others. And lets move on now. You can do rituals to do this. Contact me if you need ideas for these rituals.

If I was to do a Chinese face reading for you. I would see which Chinese five elements are strongest in you from your face map and your birth chart. From here I would remind you who you are. We would establish what you are ready for now, what you want more of, what you want to change, and possible blind spots holding you back. In the end I would give you an energetic prescription for you to do at your pace.

For those born in the years listed above, it’s an Earth year for you. Your main element is wood in your birth chart. It may feel things still are moving slow for you. You may fluctuate with feelings of being weak. Watch out for feeling excited and then into overwhelm where you freeze up and become stagnate and fatigued. This is a great year to heal relationships and build new relationships because helpers show up. There’s always two ways in which your element can choose to show up. You could go more yin or yang. Like acupuncture, we find how to bring you back to balance for the healthiest form of your nature.

This year, your lessons will be safety, support, stability, mother relationship, mother lineage, boundaries, self care, compassion, guilt, worry, receiving, and overwhelm. Please do not move this year. You do not want to rock your stability and safety. Examine your relationship with your mother and heal the mother legacy. You are in the second year of your nine year cycle. It’s just the beginning.

I hope this year really rocks for you and your tribe shows up for as you build this new foundation. The video below highlights some of this. I hope you share it with someone born in these year, especially if they are feeling stuck or stagnate.