Welcome to your FIRE year! 2020 is your FIRE year if you were born in 1935, 1944, 1953, 1962, 1971, 1980, 1989, 1998, 2007.

The theme for you to experience in 2020 is Stepping Into Your Light with Chinese Medicine/Chinese face reading using Nine Star Ki. This has nothing to do with numerology or astrology. It does flow through the season of life for you to experience at this time.

This is a year to experience joy and is a faster moving year with opportunities, love, passion, connections, and completing a 9 year cycle. It will feel very different from last year where your theme was to experience “transformation.” The year of transformation can be very difficult because it is like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. The metamorphosis can be painful.

Something to be aware of is your extreme in emotions. Don’t let that fire go ablaze! Watch your emotions because you could be moving too fast, not listening, easily excited, and burn out. Stay in your practice of meditation to be grounded, being present, and stepping more into your truth, authenticity, and light. Create anchors for yourself. I highly recommend getting a tuning fork so you can be in your vibration. Watch the video so you can learn how to use the tuning fork. You want to make sure you complete things energetically. You can order a tuning fork from our website. It is tune at 512 to the note of C, the vibration of LOVE.

There’s so much more to this magnetic year. Don’t waste the potential. Enjoy this wave because its exciting and you’ll feel more joy. Your main element is yin earth so step into the light of feeling worthy, strong, deserving. It is easy for you to feel excited and then get overwhelmed and become stagnate where you ruminate. Ground yourself with structure. I highly recommend the book Give and Take by Adam Grant for you. This will help you come to peace with your supporter superpowers. You will redefine your beliefs for success and fulfillment for you.

Perhaps Book a Chinese face reading today for your personalized energy prescription. Shift your energy to shift your reality. Remote work can be done.