Happy FEBRUARY. This month is truly the start of the new year. This week is IMBOLC and then new week we have the Lunar New Year, aka Chinese New Years. There’s so much to this month, and if you understand your personal season, you will enjoy riding all the waves of 2021.

If you were born in the years above, 2021 is going to be your WATER year and its theme is to DREAM a NEW DREAM. Your main element is yin earth. You are so compassionate and relationships mean a lot to you. You are exiting your fire year and this may be a year to help you relax, which you may be looking forward to. It’s normally a hard year for most elements because its suppose to be more inward and a little slower. You are going to want to sleep more, and that is OK! Give yourself permission to do so and heal whatever needs.

There are two things I would recommend for you to do to start this year in flow. Do the ho’oponopono regularly if not daily, forgiving yourself or others. You are more sensitive than you realize or let on. You hold a lot in because you are somewhat of a people pleaser and always doing things for others. You may be angry about a lot of things but don’t show it. You feel guilty or shame for feeling that or feel taken for granted. This becomes stuck energy.

Simply hold the person or situation you want to improve the relationship with and say the statements below with your hand on your heart.

The second recommendation is read the book Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty. This will give you great insights for this new voyage.

There’s so much more depending on your other elements and face features…

There is a theme for everyone. The energy wave starts February 4th. I hope you treat yourself to a Chinese face reading so I can reveal to your beauty, strength, superpowers, and blind spots. Don’t miss the opportunities and potential of  2021 energy. Earth tends to get “stuck.”