I’m a little bias to you if you are born in these years, because I’m one of them! This is our year to GO FOR IT. 2021 energy flows more our way. We have regained our confidence and energy if we did the transformation work of the last two years.

It’s going to feel so different and will be more of your flow. You may already have plans to MOVE. Opportunities for you to change dramatically will happen really FAST! Changes presented to you the last month are what you need to move forward. You were downloaded new visions and are more confident in your decisions.


~This year is about GROWTH. You will want to have accountability partners so you don’t get distracted.


~It’s very important for you to have anchors and mentors.

~You will take more of a leadership role.

~It’s also ok for you to ask for help, you won’t seem weak.

~Be sure to close out the day with aligning yourself with visions, appreciations, and gratitude.

~Listen to trees as you walk. Be sure you are among the trees at least once a week to ground yourself…hug it, its ok for you to be a tree hugger. =)


There is a theme for everyone. The energy wave starts February 4th. This is a time called Imbolc. Be sure to join our mailing list, it offers you specials and updates. I’m started a text messaging program and I hope you join. Just text JOIN to 844-339-5060. You’ll get updates, coupons, and specials faster. Book your Chinese face reading appointment today so I can reveal your superpowers. You don’t want to miss the waves of opportunities presented for you in 2021.


I would also recommend doing the Dickens Process with Tony Robbins. There are two parts to it. The links are in the description of the video.