2021 is going to be your fire year and its theme is to experience JOY.

I’m starting the year helping everyone aware of the energy 2021 has in store for them with Chinese medicine and a system called Nine Star Ki. 2020 was a LOT for all of us and 2021 will be about resiliency and putting systems into place for oneness and healing. This is where you’ll shine as it is your year to step into the light. Water elements is about tenacity and the intuitive healer.

There are nine years in this cycle and every year has a theme for flow, expansion and transformation. Some years are more inward for reflection. Some years are more dynamic and you don’t want to miss the energy waves because of irrational fears. 2021 is going to the latter for you.

You may be overwhelmed though and burnout by saying YES to too many things in 2020. You are finishing up a 9 year cycle and the theme is to STEP INTO THE LIGHT. You will be more MAGNETIC. Your main Chinese element is water. If you understand your element and features, you may want to tweak your communication or give yourself time to recharge. This can be a huge impact on your love and career life.

You’ll want to ask yourself:

“Does this need to be done? Does this need to be done by me? Does this need to be done NOW?”

~You’ll also want to dance a lot.

~Perhaps also ROAR!

~I highly recommend EFT tapping

~Donna Eden energy medicine will be so good for your soul. Here’s a simple radiant circuit exercise you can do to align yourself.

There is a theme for everyone. The energy wave starts February 4th. It’s a time called Imbolc. Be sure to be on our mailing list, I’m offering you a FREE 15 minute session over ZOOM. This is a $25 value. Schedule it online today. We will apply the coupon code and you won’t be charged. You’ll get a zoom link for our call. Please book your appointment after January 29th as I’m still in Hawaii for vacation. =) Also, I’m starting a text messaging program and I hope you join. Just text JOIN to 844-339-5060. You’ll get updates, coupons, and specials faster.

I hope you give yourself the gift of a Chinese face reading so I can reveal your super-powers and blind spots for you to manifest your authentic life.