Hello Gorgeous!


How did you FEEL this week? We are moving into an angel day 4/22/2020 which is also EARTH DAY and a new moon 4/23/2020, Every month on the 22nd is an angel day because its an angel number which means “Dreams Come True.” New moons are great for reflection and setting new goals and dreams.


This next week, focus on completing things, wrapping things up, clearing to make room for the new. You’ll still be tired, but you’ll be more accepting. There will be less Aries and Wood energy like this past week. Aries and Wood energy can be  a lot of anger, frustrations, pride and aggression. It’s very impatient and abrupt.


Your prayers and blessings will be more impactful this week. I want to share with you my secret swords energy technique. I’ve shared it before but I didn’t know about the short version until this week. You can remove energy and install energy for yourself and others. I’ve used it to remove headaches, anxiety, doubts, cramps. You can transform situations & places. You can send angels and healing. You may need to use this a lot mid week when you need to get over that hump. YES it is that powerful!



I’ve been clearing and praying for you everyday. I even created a LIVE remote clearing for you. This clearing intention should be good this whole month. Do it as many times as you need it.



We can do remote sessions to help you be more balance and clear away stagnation and blocks. In clearings I had this of week, we removed chords, physic attachments and vows. I also did rituals to send some spirits home with compassion.  MY REMOTE SESSIONS ARE 50% OFF RIGHT NOW to support you. You can book the appointment online.


I encourage you to UNPLUG as many things as possible and turn things off to #flattenthecurve electrically. The Hartman and Curry lines are “frying” us and affecting our nervous system. I also encourage you go through your things and get rid of it or re-purpose of it. Giving it away or using it again gives life back to the object. All objects hold memory and have energy.

May you be HEALTHY, may you find PEACE, may you have GRACE & COURAGE.

~Thuy “twee” Dam

Spiritual Ninja, Chief Happiness Officer-CHO