Hello Gorgeous! Happy April Fool’s Day.

I wish I could tell you April Fool’s to this whole Coronavirus thing. The Universe is really funny in teaching you lesson.


My message for this week: Don’t wait til you hit your head to stop and rest. Be mindful of the energy you LET in and Give out. Sunday night ended in a HUGE bump on my left side of my forehead as I  was giving Bella a bath.


In Chinese face reading, your face is the most present indicator of your energy. There are 3 reasons for every feature. A bump normally means an enhancement. In my case, it’s on my left side, which is the intuitive side. For that reason I slowed down this week to really talk with my spiritual counsel for April’s energy. There is ALOT!


There is major awakening energy, life reviews and connections, spurts of growth, re-organizing, shaking off the old, planting new seeds, and lots of RAIN. You’ve heard the saying, April showers bring May flowers. These energetic showers can wash away karmic blocks, fears, belief and patterns if you allow it to.


It’s not going to be all rainbows but there is a rainbow in every cloud! Ground yourself and have patience, being open to the change. April will bring HOPE, deepening of self trust, and fierce compassion. The range in emotions is very WIDE. Please allow yourself to FEEL the feels. Please REST before you think you need it.


The world isn’t how it is, IT IS HOW WE ARE. The most important conversation you have each day is the one you have with yourself. This will affect your vibration and show how you respond or react. You have the ability to control the conversation and make sure that it’s peaceful and productive.


Right now in particular, whether you realize it or not, the conversations you are having with yourself are likely being influenced by several outside forces.


Is it possible that you are spending a little too much time watching the news?


Are you scrolling mindlessly on social media, catching glimpses of things that make you feel afraid?


The words and images you are consuming, especially during this time have a HUGE impact on that internal conversation, hence will have a tremendous impact on how you FEEL.


Let me share the quick story on my HUGE BUMP and a-ha:


Chris came up from the basement to tell me how it doesn’t look like its gonna get any better til June. The Trader Joe’s I went to the day before had to close because there was positive case. He got this from watching the news. You can imagine the surge of anxiety and worry I had…an hour later was when I hit my head on the rail in the shower. I had a melt down then as anxiety filled my body.


Yes, me, who lives on mantras, meditations and moving was filled with utter anxiety. I landed in “holy crap, I’m scared” land. My internal conversation was no longer in my control.


Please get your update, then get out. Turn off the news. Don’t obsess over what you can’t control.

Here are some tips to help you re-balance more quickly,
1. Shake it off IMMEDIATELY! A dog shakes how many times a day? That is how they get rid of energy so it doesn’t stick to them.
2. Brush the energy off by saying CLEAR & DELETE 3 TIMES
3. Dance, even for a just a minute.
4. Take a walk. Time outdoors refreshes the mind.
5. Place our hands on your heart, breathe and affirm who you are.
6. Write in a journal. Examine negative thoughts and emotions, and the lesson.
7. Tap, EFT. You can YouTube this. I like the tapping solution videos.
8. Find HUMOR. Tell a joke, listen to a joke, tune into someone funny. I love Ellen as of lately. Humor is great medicine, especially when shared.
9. Drink WARM water. Dehydration makes you feel yucky . 
10. Breathe with a bottle of essential oils under your nose. Diffuse essential oils
Sending you Love, Peace, Joy, and Healthy Vibes
Thuy “twee”
Spiritual Ninja, CHO-Chief Happiness Officer
PS. Even if you have no where to go, put on a some lip color and use self-tanners. Everytime you see yourself in the mirror, it does affect your energy. You see yourself in the mirror 10X more now because you are washing your hands so much! We can send our DMA lip color line and self tanners to you. It’s free shipping if you put in SoYouFreeShipping in the promo.
PSS. Diffuse, Diffuse, Diffuse…essential oils to make it more breathable and set the vibration of your space.
This is also a fantastic energy forecast from Lee Harris.