Hola! Happy February!

Are you feeling a little stir crazy? If so, you are suppose to because even the groundhogs do! Guess what, he didn’t see his shadow Feb 2nd…YAY!

Energetically this is the week of change. This is the week to start new things. Today, Feb 4th marks the midpoint of the winter solstice and sping equinox.

The Lunar New Year, aka Chinese New Year is Feb 8th and its a new moon.

So if you’ve been having a hard time, feeling stuck, or just don’t know how to get started…this is the week to RESET, choose again, and take those beginning courageous steps. I also want to encourage you to use the force…the force of angels.

This is going to sound totally crazy but I’m gonna do it anyway…I see angels. Since the middle of January 2015 a female angel with reddish hair came down and flew with me on a motorcycle ride in Mexico. She was loving it and wanted to play. She’s been guiding me ever since.

During a yoga class on Feb 4th 2015, I saw many angels coming down and they were flying above like birds, circling joyful and ready to play. They told me they are bored and sad we’ve forgot how fun its suppose to be. We are making it harder on ourselves than it needs to be.

After class I tried to dismiss this channeling of sorts, rationing its just my imagination. I told my friend Kim and the teacher about it because she’s really woo-woo. Maybe she got the message as well??? =/

I didn’t know what I was really suppose to do because the angels wanted me to spread the message.

Before class I had this urge to go to my favorite floral shop and get white roses. I decided to go immediately after class. I kid you not, this magnificence greeted me at the entrance…and then the angels busted out laughing! I immediately text Kim and sent her this picture.

If you have kids, introduce or remind them about angels now. Kids 1-4 years old can see the angels because they are pure. They just don’t know what/who they are. Kids will soar this next year with peace and courage if they utilize their angels, as will you.


Angels take many forms. Be aware how they show up for you. They told me that every time I see a bird, it is an angel. Then the following day, my friend Carrilyn gives me this ornament and said she thought I might like it. Angels are very funny, creative and kind.

I asked Gabriel to guide me for my answer and yours. The answer lies in letting go and TRUST. Maybe this is the sign/connection you need for your return to faith, love, and miracles. I hope angels show up for you and utilize them! They want you to! Stop making it so hard.

 Ask your angels to guide you for your higher good: for love, peace, and joy.