When I came into the current space at So You Boutique, about 5 years ago, I said someday both of these spaces will be mine when I’m ready to expand.

That day came mid July. I didn’t think I was ready but my voices said it was time.  I asked, “Time for what?” It said it was time for me to do my next work. This is what they have been preparing for me for the past 3 years. I told my voices I need a few more years, I just had a baby 4 months ago! They said this would be where I would grow and Isabella would grow up. I meditated on it for 2 weeks and the voices got stronger. I couldn’t ignore it so I decided to surrender and asked to be guided.

This space is a zen den, where the Chinese face readings, energy work, workshops, meditation, physic fairs, and whatever I’m called on to do takes place. This is where my soul family would gather. I spoke with Mia, a friend I made when I first started my exploration. (You can find Mia on PillarsofEnlightenment.com)

I want this place to be a place to come hOMe to for those seeking their spiritual path. When I first started my spiritual journey, the voices were so strong, then they would fade in and out. I had a hard time believing but something always brought me back. I was such a gypsy. I didn’t understand my gifts. I didn’t know what to explore. I didn’t understand the woo-woo people, Mia being one of them! I was so skeptical but also so curious. At times I couldn’t sleep because the nudges could not by ignored. Mia said that I’m called on to open an “ASCENSION STATION.” That sounded so powerful, exciting and scary at the same time.

Luckily I found the right teachers and learned to interpret energy, signs, and intuition. There are so many misleading info online and people not of integrity. It is my hope that this ascension station clears and brings harmony, grace, and wisdom to all that it attracts. I was told by one mentor, your voice will carry to those that need it. I know now the world isn’t how it is, it is how you are. Everything can be a miracle! When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

I’m working on the space now and it feels so good. It’s imperfectly perfect and magical as things are unfolding. Stay tuned for things to come…