The December new moon couldn’t come any faster or sooner! The holidays are upon us and we are in a Mercury Retrograde til December 22. I love the new moon because its about new beginnings. It allows you to choose again. As we get ready to end this year, ask yourself “What’s missing in my life now to feel fulfilled?” With the new Ascension Station I really want it to be a hOMe for ninjas and gypsies.

Before the new moon, I do a few rituals. One of them is a create a picture with how I want to FEEL when I get there. There is no date as to when I get there because the Universe knows better than I do when I should get there. This is just the desire and planting the seed. Would love for you to share yours on our Facebook page or here. =)

I asked Jim Trader, our astrologist for new moon check-in and here’s his wisdom for you.

When the Sun and Moon meet in the sky, we get a New Moon. This is a wonderful time to set a new intention for the upcoming two weeks or so. Whatever we ask for during a New Moon we get more of during the following two weeks, as the Moon waxes toward Full.

This December, the New Moon is happening on the evening of Sunday the 17th, in late Sagittarius. With the New Moon in Sagittarius, anything we ask for that will broaden our horizons is especially likely to manifest for us. Success on a long journey, meeting new people, trying new things, are all especially likely to happen during this particular Lunar Cycle. This December’s New Moon may be especially heavily influenced by the Planet Uranus, bringing a remarkably surprising and innovative flair to our Holiday Season this year. Whatever intention we set for ourselves this New Moon, be on the alert for that welcome Holiday surprise that’s probably coming your way!