Hello Spiritual Ninja!

Can you believe the first week of December is almost completed? December energy can be very emotional and overwhelming. What has it been for you so far? December has the essence of joy, community, perfection, nostalgia, comparisons, loneliness, and OBLIGATIONS.

Historically these days are “the darkest days until the return to light,” which is the winter solstice. People actually did less, slept more, rested, For some reason, today’s time has flipped that. We do MORE, going against the season’s energy.

This December is special though. It’s the time before a new decade…how you direct the energy now can grow you for a whole decade. There’s something that is viral right now with posting a picture of you 10 years ago and now. I believe you should do this and take a step back to evaluate how far you’ve come. Make it a game and acknowledge all the blessings and wisdom. This is a great time of reflection. I’m not telling you to more…I’ve advising you to reflect to transform. =)

Now, ask who do you want to be in this new decade? If you don’t, you will let life happen to you instead of AWAKENING. Universal plans are different for you and this month it is a HUGE upgrade if you allow it to. The energy is EVOLVE.

Think of it like the update on your phone and computer. It’s going to happen like it or not. 20% will struggle and may need to get a new device. There may be lots of anger around this. 30% will adapt but complain. 5% will thrive and excel downloading more apps and be more effective. 25% will accept and think nothing of it. 20% don’t care. Eventually life becomes “normal” and there will be another update later.

This December is an update like no other. It can be a time of re-programming, healing karmic relationships, and doing your work in a totally different and expansive way. The cosmic alignments haven’t been like this in centuries! There are 5 planets going into Capricorn: Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, and Pluto. This is about fulfilling your SOUL purpose.

It’s time to clean things up and get to the TRUTH. Maybe it’s your health. Maybe its relationship. Maybe its your business. Maybe its your taxes. Where are you lying to yourself? For instance, I’m going to have to divorce coffee and marry tea…more on this in a blog about your microbiome.

For those that are sensitive, really check in with your sensitivities. Give yourself permission to say NO. Protect and ground your energy multiply times during the day. You may absorb other’s “trapped emotions” if you are not grounded and protected.

How do you protect your energy? I start my day with intention, appreciation, connecting to the light with meditation, and I oil up with essential oils. Essential oils boost your immunity and directs the emotional focus. I also tune up a lot with vibration, either with a tuning folk, singing bowl, or music.

To direct and transform the energy, I give out more smiles, hugs and compliments. I smile before they do! These things are FREE and expansive. You never know what someone is going through. One interaction can change someone. It may be you.

My blogs last week was about being a LUMINOUS Season of Presence. I hope this season is a game changer for you so you can see the light and potential. I hope it renews your energy for you to release expectations, perfectionism, and negativity. Surround yourself with things you want more of in your life, like certain people, lights, healing and healthy foods.

For the Luminous Season of Presence, CELEBRATE not OBLIGATE. Pay attention to what you talk about and what shows up. As for gift giving, choose to give gifts of mindfulness and meaning. We have wonderful gift options at the shop and in our online store. As a gift to YOU, I’m giving you a download of one of my meditations. I believe PEACE is the best gift you can give yourself and others.

Hope to see you at the shop or your engagements on our social media platforms.

With Love & Excitement
CHO-Chief Happiness Officer