In astrology and Chinese face reading, November is seasonal time of transitions of the planets and energies. It’s a very complex month of emotions of comparison, feelings of having enough, being enough, nostalgia, and deeper emotions that surface to be healed. This is why many suicides happen in November and December. On the upside, it is when subtle things happen for you to download, get ACTIVATED, and upgrade. You must have trust, faith, and get comfortable with the silence to hear the voices and guides. It’s more a state of being and stating your truth to take courageous action. There will be a series of small things what will open for you if you pay attention.

Here’s the story of how I produced the Lotus Mudra Meditation. It was in November, 8 years ago. I was channeled this when I sat out to do Debbie Ford 21 Day Consciousness Cleanse. I had to figure out my life, I was 32, having some health problems, making no money and in so much doubt and debt. This meditation is magically for me and gets me aligned everytime. It plants seeds of intentions in the lotus flower. There are hand movements to it. Years later I was channeled to make it available for anyone at anytime on YouTube. It’s always available for you on my channel. I hope it gives you more love, peace, and joy.

Knowing what I know now with energies, EVERY November give yourself sacred time and sacred space. It’s VITAL for your life. In astrology, planets will move and be in retrogrades for the next years transits. Some of them don’t happen again for ten plus years. Do a challenge for 7-10 days where you learn a new habit, tool, and connects you with others and/or yourself.. Our 12 Day Essential Oil Challenge is available at ALL times but we always offer it at a universal time on 11/11 to strengthen and co-create together. 

The more you are able to be OPEN and let go of judgement  and justification, the more compassionate, forgiving, and courageous you will become. Life will flow to you effortless. Here’s the video on how to optimize on this.