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Meditating with a Mala

A fabulous tool for enhancing your meditation practice is to use a mala, which is a string of beads used for ...
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Riding the Energy Wave of the Solar Eclipse

Did you watch the total solar eclipse yesterday? Were you excited or was it just another day? A lot of ...
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An Ascension Station Coming Soon

When I came into the current space at So You Boutique, about 5 years ago, I said someday both of ...
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the ART of Pruning

This week Isabella and I had a play date at the Botanic Gardens and they were pruning the trees. I ...
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The Importance of Having Sacred Space in Your Home

A few years ago a crazy voice told me I had to do a 100 day couch surfing adventure in ...
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Happy Lunar New Year! 2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster/Phoenix

If 2017 is going wonderfully for you, that's fantastic, ride this wonderful wave because it is going to get better ...
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Spray tan problems and quick fixes

Common spray tan problems and how to fix them! A spray tan can seems like something easy, but a spray ...
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Lotus Mudra Meditation Healing and Revival

Wowsers! This past year was a whirlwind and I didn't think it would lead me back here again with the ...
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Use the New Moon Energy to Make Your Wish Come True

There are times when its better to plant seeds for things to grow. For instance, if you plant seeds in ...
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Take Inventory of Your Life NOW

Last year at this time I could hardly move because I was in my 4th colitis flare in a row ...
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