Have you tried to give up coffee and struggling? I’ve given up coffee for the time being because my microbiome test from Viome said to AVOID it.

This beet latte is delicious and healthy. I do and don’t have recipes, I guesstimate. You can also do this for matcha green tea and cocao. Add a little Maca for extra energy boost.

*Oat milk (or whatever milk you like, I’m just obsessed with oat milk lately. Also because cashews and cashew milk is an AVOID on my test)
*Teaspoon of beet powder
*Raw real honey
*Dash to 1/2 teaspoon Vanilla
*Dash of sea salt or pink salt

Over medium heat bring to boil mixing it together. It’s a great treat. Thanks #theblendergirl for the recipe!

If you wanna make it pretty with latte art