Hello Spiritual Ninja and Friend

This week is probably the STRONGEST energetic week of April. We had the 4/4 portal and then the supermoon full moon. Please be aware of what you put in your mind and body. The emotion range will be very WIDE. Please be gentle with yourself and give yourself a little more GRACE.

Please Let yourself feel the FEELS and notice how the thoughts come and go. You can transmute it. The feelings aren’t something for us to get rid of of. It’s something for us to GO THROUGH. There is no way to go around it right not, we must go through it. It is only by this we truly transcend it. We’ve been going through the process of learning and knowledge. It is different than experience and wisdom.

Your experience is uniquely your own and for you to be able to do your purpose, live your authenticity, and contribute to the community. You aren’t going crazy. Immediately remind yourself who you want to be by just putting your your hands on your heart or your gut, taking conscious breaths, and affirming it out loud. When you speak it, you OWN it and take your power back. You can also ASK for what it is you need. For instance I’ll say, “Please fill me with prana, compassion, wisdom NOW to do the task at hand…I am clear, confident, and courageous.”

This is your free remote energy clearing for the 4/4 portal. Please share it with others so they can receive the clearing as well. You can use it as often as you need. Then notice the little shifts you have you have after doing it. You just play the YouTube Video and receive.

After you do this clearing, create a peace portal grid for your home with organic things you find. Mother Earth gives you everything you already need.

This week, please get your update, then get out. Turn off the news. Don’t obsess over what you can’t control. Turn off/unplug as many electrical devices as possible and plug it in when you need it. There are electric magnetic fields and they are really off right now. There are lines called Hartman Lines and Curry Lines. When they are contained, like in a house, they can really go haywire and affect your mood, health, and sleep. I’ll have a video on tools to help bring these back to balance soon. Right now the best way to #flattenthecurve is to turn it off to let it settle.
Here are some tips to help you re-balance more quickly with your emotions, USE your Spiritual Tools. It’s much easier than trying to figure it out.
1. Shake it off IMMEDIATELY! A dog shakes how many times a day? That is how they get rid of energy so it doesn’t stick to them.
2. Brush the energy off by saying CLEAR & DELETE 3 TIMES
3. Dance, even for a just a minute.
4. Take a walk. Time outdoors refreshes the mind.
5. Place your hands on your heart, breathe and affirm who you are.
6. Write in a journal. Examine negative thoughts and emotions, and the lesson.
7. EFT Tapping. You can YouTube this. I like the tapping solution videos.
8. Find HUMOR. Tell a joke, listen to a joke, tune into someone funny. I love Ellen as of lately. Humor is great medicine, especially when shared.
9. Drink WARM water. Dehydration makes you feel yucky . 
10. Breathe with a bottle of essential oils under your nose. Diffuse essential oils
Sending you Love, Peace, Joy, and Healthy Vibes
Thuy “twee”
Spiritual Ninja, CHO-Chief Happiness Officer
PS. Even if you have no where to go, put on a some lip color and use self-tanners. Everytime you see yourself in the mirror, it does affect your energy. You see yourself in the mirror 10X more now because you are washing your hands so much! We can send our DMA lip color line and self tanners to you. Shipping is FREE right now if you put in SoYouFreeShipping at checkout.