My dearest spiritual ninjas, we survived week 1 of Coronacation! This week I’ve never felt such extremes in emotions. I have a feeling this week will be harder though. Know that vulnerability is making you strong. Being strong means being real.
Every month on the 22 it is an ANGEL DAY. 22 is a master number and an angel number. Today the angels woke me up at 1:30A. They said the best way to transform this energy is through vibration. We must raise the vibration across all grids. I was called to make an alter to clear and support each other.
So if you would like this free clearing, please respond to this with your name and/or names of others you would like. Here’s the LIVE video to explain it. It’s done at 3:30A so I’m not looking so fresh…please pass this email to others or share it on your social media if you are so called. Follow me on social media for latest tips and inspiration. It’s really important for you to have positively and reliable energies in your field. This disease is a deadly VIRUS in so many ways.
I am closed at the studio until what looks like April 30th. We can also do energy work and face readings REMOTELY via facetime and skype. You can also purchase products online and pick up products where I can leave the products on the porch. We can venmo, paypal, invoice. Perhaps I can drop it off. I’m going to have to check into mobile services and space clearings…
Treat this time as a universal love gift of a RETREAT. It’s a STAYCATION! See it as a time that is working FOR you and not TO you. Ask “how can I help” to be of service to the collective. Look for the blessing. Get out at least once a day and notice how beautiful things are growing. Nature heals. It doesn’t know good or evil, it just knows what it must do to move the season.