This morning I read a blog from Janet Stone, one of my favorite yoga teachers. She wrote about giving PRESENCE instead of presents for the holidays. Time is the only thing she can’t buy back and everyone is given the same 64,800 seconds a day.

Her presence is the best gift she can give anyone and that is what she is giving this year and all year around. When she sees these fancy ads on presents, she turns it off because it is something she will have to work more to pay for. Her opportunity cost is time AWAY from her loved ones. Things just take up space and easily forgotten and replaced.

I grew up in an imigrant in southern California and it was never about gifts for us. A few years ago my brother and I decided we would give ourselves the gift of vacation and memories. We would pick a place and go there. We can’t bring gifts but we can buy each other meals, tours, misc.

This year consider gifts of time and value that feed the soul. Consider gifts of service that rotates the energy of community and growth. Embrace the experience of whatever comes in, it’s always for your highest good.

Sending you light, love, peace, and healing for a glowing beautiful winter season.