My friend Shaye always has fresh flowers in her home. Her home has this touch that is elegant, cozy, fragrant and inviting. It just feels good! (My professional pictures on this site are taken in her home.) After having Thanksgiving with her, I decided I would always have fresh flowers in conjunction with my AiryFairy Airplants.

Some people think flowers are a waste of money. Some people think its only for special occasions. Many will not appreciate it unless they experience it for themselves. Just think of a park and how dead it looks in winter because there are no plants, flowers, and leaves. Then the same park is different in spring, summer, and fall with all the colors and plants. It changes your mood and activity. It’s subtle but it makes a big difference.

A spray tan is the same way! Especially an airbrush spray tan!

You don’t need a spray tan. With a spray tan you look and feel more alive. It changes your mood and activity. It’s the little thing that makes a big difference in your confidence.

Give yourself the gift of fresh plants and a spray tan more often then you think you should. Track how it makes you feel more joy. When you feel more joyous, life shifts. Things may not change, but you are not the same. That makes all the difference.


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