2020 kinda rocked all of worlds. Even though I was aware of some of the energetic waves, I fell from grace many times. I’m glad I had the energy tools to help me with get back up to build new foundations. I did lots of free posts and energy clearings for 2020.

2021 I said I would be more conscious. I’m guided to help others tune into the waves presented to them.

And this year will go fast! The energy changes almost every 3 days.

In Chinese face reading we are suppose to experience a theme every year. There are 9 years according to the Nine Star Ki system I use with Chinese Medicine. I gonna go through all the 9 years theme. I really want you to optimize the flow that was created for you and break through, designing a life more authentic to you. Share the blog with friends if you know what year they were born.

If you were born in the years above, 2021 is going to be your YIN EARTH year and its theme is Building New Foundations, Helpers Show Up. This is the year I’m exiting. Doing the work has set me up with a new home and many new projects and support systems. I hope these tips helps you relax and see your new visions.

Your main element is Yang Wood. You like things controlled in a certain order. You love to learn. You are very logical and like systems for everything. The last year may have been hard for you because it was SLOWER. Plans changed too much without your control…You couldn’t think your way out of things and that may have frustrated you. =)

There are a few things I would recommend for you to do to start this year in flow.

~Find a new mentor/tribe to help guide you. You may really like Tony Robbins because he’s so woody in his elements. It’s gonna resonate with you more.

Relax and LISTEN. Find ways to collaborate with others instead of doing it on your own. Give yourself permission to explore and not figure it out right away. Give up the idea of looking stupid or others thinking you are stupid. =)

There’s so much more depending on your other elements and face features…

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