This summer I’ve been obsessed with learning how to garden. When I was 24 my mom told me my life would flourish if plants thrived with me. I decided this year would be THE year. Gardening would be my meditation and earthing as well. As luck would have it, this is actually one of the harder years for many farmers. 

I’m learning a lot about how things grow. You must prepare the soil, watering at certain times are better, pruning can help them grow, weeds grow all the time, plants must accumulate to their environment, you can kill them by OVER watering, the sun can burn them. it’s best to let them dry completely and then water…I got frustrated because my seeds grew but most of them are dead now because of the extreme weather. On Tuesday I started over with new seeds stating this is my new moon wish: I have a flourishing beautiful garden I harvest abundant year round. 

The same day I declared it, I saw my acupuncturist at her home. She is in transition until her new office is ready at the end of August. Construction has not gone the way she had hoped. 

I was so surprised at her garden because it grew miraculously, overflowing everywhere! JP said her garden took 5 years to get this way. Some plants didn’t grow and then the next year it did when she didn’t expect it. The seeds were there and decided to take root when it did. The power of seeds is amazing. In each seed is a programming, just like us. Time and nourishment is needed for things to grow. 

As I reflected on all the analogies of gardening and life, garden fairies told me  “Plant new energetic seeds. Tend to your life like your garden, it’s all symbolic and part of the flower of life. Your harvest will be abundant if you pay attention. You can start over anytime. Plant one seed daily now until the Lionsgate portal on 8/8. The things you plant now will grow for the next 3-10 years energetically. Don’t waste this energetic time. Let go of judgment and comparison. There are “seasons” for everything: love, career, health. It does not just grow overnight. Be patient.”

We encourage you to do some deep introspection to get to the root of what you WANT. Write one wish on a focus wheel per day until 8/8. These are your MAGIC seeds. You’ll have 7 seeds to put into the portal that day. To create a focus wheel, you can use anything that is a circle. Use paper plates, post its, or an image from a magazine. Find an image you like the FEEL of or the energy you want to call in. Cut it in a shape of a circle. Carry it with you and also write your desire in a journal. On 8/8 put all of the focus wheel at the bottom of a pot and plant something in it. It can be any plant you want. You can even re-pot something. Be creative as you want, it’s your life and what you want to grow. 

Here’s an article on the Lionsgate portal and why its so cool. May you harvest sooner than later and repeatedly! =)