What is your work space like? This was mine yesterday at the counter of So You Boutique. I got my sprays, message rock that says vision, tuning folk, pendulum, and AiryFairy Airplant. It allows me to relax and be in flow, all higher vibrational items my soul really needs to do its work.

Each person is different depending on their elements in their birth chart and face. S ome elements are better it the sound of water, others with the sound of windchimes. Some elements with hate Sage and incense but love Palo Santo. Some will thrive with plants and others with flowers. Discover yours with a private face reading or at a face reading party or Raise Your Vibration Workshop. Sign up online in our Ascension Station tab of SoYouBoutique.net.

Your environment and sensitivities are huge impacts on your energy, production and happiness. Understanding yourself and allowing yourself to be the best you is a gift to the world. Send me an email or give me a call and we can do a mini consultation. I’ll give you an energetic boost for your element to try for a time period. See how it shifts you. =)

I’m really thankful my work allows me to give. We were able to give to charity:water $111 for our earth day celebration.