Don’t get SAD this season!
The holidays are upon us and that means holiday cheer…or does it? The holidays aren’t always happy. It’s actually a very hard time on the physical, emotional, and energetic body. You don’t have to pretend to be happy just because you think you should or because others are.
There were several years I was very depressed with the holidays/winter. Seasonal affective disorder (aka SAD) takes over me every year, some years it was really bad until I recognized it. To combat the effect, I had to implement things get myself out of the “FUNK.”
Below is a list of things I rotate during the season to stay in a positive vibration. If you have any tips please share! 
~Stay away from as much sugar as possible. 
It tastes great but the low is not worth the high. You just feel FAT, tired, guilty…its a downward cycle. It’s also the cause of so many diseases.
Even if you have no where to go. It’s like wearing sexy underwear, you’ll feel so much healthier and happier
~Write down 3 gratitudes
~Journal 1 experience that makes you happy
~15+ minutes exercise a day
~5-10 minutes of mediation
~Conscious/random acts of kindness
~Treat yourself to fresh flowers 
Adding color and life to your environment does wonders and adds “chi”
~Treat yourself to body/energy work/massage 
~Get a clearing! 
I started doing people/space clearing recently and results have been enlightening. I’m doing an intro rate of $25 for personal clearings (these can be done remotely) and $50 for space clearings.
~Do at least 1 thing that brings you joy or creativity



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