The 11:11 gateway portal closed yesterday so now what????


After my morning alignment and meditation, I asked for guidance for this next energy wave from November 15-21.  I’m doing the 21 Day Chopra Meditation and the message is about the power of curiosity for discovery. The affirmation is “I live in the newness of curiosity and discovery.” So fitting for the day after the portal closes!


Source wants me to remind you to be really OPEN to your answers. Things will start to sync up with people and opportunities. It can feel magical when things sync up. Your past will come up, get comfortable with what was uncomfortable and may still be. It’s a chance for you to clear it. Check into your relationships and be aware of the advice you took on from others that serve and DON’T serve you. These foamed attachments and beliefs for you with fears, guilt, shame, and WORTH. It may have given you passion, inspiration, hope, faith, tenacity…there is always 2 sides to it. Find the blessing in it. It couldn’t have happened any other way so you can get to your today. Becoming aware of it, you can CLEAR it now. I can also help you clear it, even remotely. My wish for you is to go into the new decade being the vibration you want to be. We have about 50 days left of this year.


Today pick your vibration by picking a SONG that is your energy now. You can use that song as your meditation where you sit with your hand on your heart. Let the vibration heal and fill you. I like to diffuse frankincense when I meditate. It’s the oil of truth.  You can DANCE to it for a moving meditation. Be ONE vibration. You can change it as often as you want. You don’t have to be stuck to it. Just listen to the rhythm of your life and how you want to dance to it.


My vibration is the cover song “when doves cry.” I discovered it in yoga yesterday. This artist plays the ukulele!!! Even more in alignment with me. Here is the song for you to enjoy. I would love to know what song you pick for your vibration in this moment.



Also I really want to encourage you start a practice of using essential oils. There are some challenging waves in the next couple of months. Essential oils are the FASTEST neurotransmitters to change a mood or experience. There is so much more to it than diffusing it or inhaling it. I can be your guide if you get the Premium Starter Kit from Young Living. The coaching is free and I’m also giving you 3 glass rollers and 2 spray bottles so you can DIY mixes. This week I’ve been mixing peppermint with everything. Adding one drop of Young Living peppermint essential oil in water is like having 29 cups of normal peppermint tea. You cannot ingest essential oils from most companies! We just started our 12 Day Essential Oil program. Order the kit today. and my sponsor number is #17089096