There are certain times when things are done where it is more powerful. For manifesting, the hour of power spiritually and energetically is 3-4p. This is when you need to “replenish the well” for your water element in accordance to Chinese medicine and the Chinese five element chart. If you want to raise your energy, remove negative energy, be more productive, manifest more, you should rest by meditating, napping, taking a leisure stroll or just time to unplug. My mom told me she heard the Pope say this is one of the best times to pray. She does the rosary everyday at this time.

This is the time I take to pray, clear, bless, meditate and journal. I check in with “what came in that has made today great.” I also put my hand on my heart and listen to a song of high vibration. I also do a ritual for gratitude, appreciation, contentment. As of lately, it’s been “this is amazing grace” by Phil Wickman and “I am blessed.” by Karen Drucker

When you utilize this time, you pre-program your sub-conscious to work for you when you are sleeping. It doesn’t know right or wrong, it just goes to work to make your desires come true.

You can this ritual at anytime you can make time. Just start and be consistent. You are as rich as your rituals. Schedule it on your calendar and put an alarm on it.

When it becomes a habit, it’s the fastest 20 minutes and something you look forward to everyday.

Let me know how it transforms our energy after doing it for 10 days! Notice all the little things and write it down…How you flow easier, answers and people show up, how you are more open, courageous and inviting.

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