Aloha Spiritual Ninjas!

Tanning season is in full effect for me and that means catching up with return clients. It seems like the theme for this past year for many is ACCEPTANCE, myself included.

Sarah came to airbrush spray tan for her 40th birthday celebration. I didn’t recognize her as it’s been about a year since I’ve seen her. She said it is because she’s gained weight and she needed me to contour her to take 5-10 lbs off. We laughed as I reminded her that if you can’t tone it, tan it! I told her I thought she looked better because she was too thin before. She realized she’s happier being a size 4 than a miserable 0 for the this time in her life. Sometimes she beats herself up because she compares to the past instead of accepting the present.

I shared with Sarah that this was a huge AHA for me this past fall because I had the worse ulcerative colitis flare to date. It was my 3rd one in 2 years. It took being hospitalized, blood transfusion, and not being able to move for 2 weeks for me to accept this condition and where my body is at now. After accepting that, it was so much easier to flow in other aspects of my life where I was struggling before. I started to heal and grow. In this surrender I found more strength and courage. This is not to let you off the hook from trying your hardest and being a good person. This is to remind you that you ARE human. And to be human is to experience all of it, the ups AND the downs.

I got the following from a gal name Erin Strutland that helps me with my acceptance practice. I hope they are the connections you need for yours. As for your body, an airbrush tan shifts you into a better mood, accepting and loving your body! So set that spray tan appointment because you want to, you don’t need an excuse!

This is the great paradox of life!  All it really begs for is your ACCEPTANCE.

Accept that at some points in life you may feel betrayed.

Accept that you will get hurt by people’s actions and words because you DO actually care what people think. 

Accept that you may even hurt others along the way.

Accept that there will be times when you don’t have a clue which direction to go.

Accept that it is ok to not have answers.

Accept that the process of making big life-changing decisions can often be an unsavory, back and forth process of “SHOULD I? SHOULDN’T I?”

Accept that, eventually, you will get there in your own time. And it will be perfect timing.

And the sooner we can accept that life is a jumble of all these beautiful things the more ease we shall experience.

This week”s mantra is:



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