So You Boutique will be at a festival in Nederlands, Co called Frozen Dead Guy Festival. We will have our mobile van Harmony there to do some Chinese face readings and energy clearings.  We are quite excited about this as it’s the first event we are doing with our RV van. Come join in on this fun and random event! It’s to honor a guy that was found frozen on top of the mountain. It may sound stupid or inappropriate to some people, but it’s actually a great way to turn the energy around. Check it out and join us for the coffin race!


In honor of this wonderful frozen dead guy festival, I thought I would shed some light on  “ghosts” in which I will call spirit from here. Many people are afraid to talk about spirits because they don’t understand it. Some people are naturally gifted to connect with spirits and then there are some who are more prone to have spirits attached to them. Spirits are more likely to cling to you if your vibration is weak or wobbly, you have been sick for a long time, or you may have a strong water element according to Chinese medicine. 


In my Chinese face reading, energy clearings and space clearings I’ve had to connect with spirits . In my space clearings I’ve had to send some spirits back to the 5th dimension. I can only sense them. I don’t channel them or communicate with them very often.


You shouldn’t be afraid of spirits. Most are harmless. Spirits are all around us because they haven’t crossed over yet. Sometimes they don’t know they are dead. Sometimes they are waiting for someone. They can get bored and playful, which is when you may experience noises and things moved in your home. If you suspect to have spirits in your home, you can ask them to leave. Have a conversation with them. You may not really hear a conversation, it’s something you feel. They will find a way to communicate with you. You can help them cross over compassionately, watch my video on YouTube “Ghostbusting with Compassion.”   


People that are energetically sensitive may have spirits attached to them as they go about doing everyday things. You can also pick up spirits being in a space that a spirit resides in. They can be attached to someone else and then decide to stay at your home or attach to you instead. This happened to me. I hosted a Chinese New Years party one year and the spirit was a teenage boy that decided to stay. I guess he decided we were more fun! I discovered it a week later. I sent it back to the 5th dimension after having tea with him. Spaces that are close to busy streets tend to have more hitchhiker spirits.


With Chinese face reading, I can usually tell if a person is sensitive or has the potential to connect with the other side by the forehead, ears, and eyes. These areas are linked to the water element and that is a super-power.  


In most Asian cultures, they do all sorts of things to honor their ancestors. They want their ancestors to protect and bless them. These are the spirits you want to visit and guide you. To cultivate their visit, have an altar to honor them. 


I call on my grandmother all the time. I have her picture up and give her flowers and fruits. My grandma shows up for me via grapefruit! When she was living she would give me two pieces of grapefruit, called pummelo, when I came home from school. Bien Hoa Vietnam is famous for this type of grapefruit. This is where we are from. I would get so mad because I would want more. She rationed everything because Vietnam was so poor. I smell grapefruit or have a craving for it. I begin to salivate and then taste it. When this happens I know she wants me to pay attention to something. For this reason, I love grapefruit essential oils and products with grapefruit in it. So if you experience signs from someone who has crossed over, know that it is not so weird! 


To protect yourself from spirits attaching to you, meditate and connect to the light daily. Put yourself in a protection light field and ask that only the good is welcomed to come in. Fill your environment with high vibrational things such as colors, flowers, plants, crystals, essential oils, and symbols such as crosses, the evil eye, hearts, and dream-catchers. Eat foods of vibrant colors that are whole and natural. Bless everyone you come in contact with. Wish for them a happy life. This raises your vibration and the vibration of the world.  


I would love to hear your experience with spirits. If you feel you have spirits attached to you or your home, send us an email or leave a comment!