So many people are moving to Denver and visiting, falling in love with its lifestyle. I love our city and especially love the area So You Boutique is in, Golden Triangle. We have so many wonderful businesses around and most of them locally owned and operated.

In March, Jaime came walk-in and I had no idea she was going to write this. One of the business’ she mentions is So You Boutique! When you come to So You, be sure to check out our neighbors as well. (blog from!I-Fell-in-Love-with-Denver/c1kod/550dd5d40cf21d0c88b7a223)



I Fell in Love with Denver

March 21, 2015


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting Denver, CO.  I was there on business however I managed to get away from work for a few hours and in that time I fell head over heals in love with the city and it’s people.  Since my diet and exercise routine has been completely out of wack lately and I had a hot date coming up, I decided that I was going to do a juice cleanse for 2 days to get me back on track.  Or at least lose a pound or 2 before the big date!!

I turned to trusty ‘ol Yelp to aid in my search for some cold-pressed juice in the vicinity of the Hotel Monaco , which is located in the heart of downtown Denver.  Hotel Monaco is a part of the Kimpton Hotel family and they always take extra special care of me when I am in town.  Yelp recommended several places that were within a 2-4 mile radius of the hotel and of those I chose Pressed Juice Daily.  I made my way over pretty early in the morning as I knew that I would soon be starving.  When I arrived I was pleasantly greeted by a man behind the counter who turned out to be the owner of this charming little juice shop.  I explained to him that I wanted to juice for a couple of days and he lent his experience and knowledge and assisted me in choosing my juices.  During our conversation I found out that he moved to Denver from L.A. specifically to open his shop. He felt that the L.A. market was already saturated, and figured that Denver, being one of the healthiest cities in America, would provide some great opportunities.  I wish him well and I recommend that when you are Denver, you should pop in to say hello, and of course buy some juice!

The other thing on my list to get done before my upcoming date was to get my eyebrows tinted.  Hence, when I left Pressed Juice Daily I once again turned to my good friend Yelp to find out where I could get that done in Denver.  It just so happened that there was a place 2 blocks away from the juice store.  It was only 9:45am and they didn’t open until 10, but I tried ringing them anyhow.  A very friendly woman answered the phone and when I asked her if she could accommodate me, she told me to come right on over.

The name of the shop is Accent Beauty and the lady who I spoke with, Nora McGarraugh, is the proprietor and the esthetician. I see a bit of a pattern here.  When I arrived Nora took me into the back and had me get cozy on the table so that she could work her magic on my eyebrows.  As she was doing her thing, we chatted it up and I found out that she began doing esthetics out of her house while she was raising her son and then once he was grown she opened up her own space and has been in business for over six years.  I asked her what other services she offers and after she finished giving me the lowdown, I asked her what she would suggest for me.  She immediately suggested a facial.  I asked her what she charges and her rates were SO reasonable and I was SO comfortable on the bed, that I asked her if she would be willing to give me one.  An hour of so later, I had perfect eyebrows, a glowing visage, and arms and hands that were in a state of bliss thanks to her amazing massage that is a part of the “Facial Extraordinaire”.  Nora also sells an array of makeup and beauty product in her shop and since I was in need of a cleanser, I asked her to recommend one for me. She recommended Sanitas Skin Care Lemon Cream Cleanser and after 2 weeks of daily use, I  can say that I absolutely love it.  Visiting Accent Beauty was such a pleasant experience that I have vowed to return each time I am in Denver for my quarterly facial and eyebrow grooming.

With fabulous eyebrows and 2 days of juice under my arm, I was all set to head back to Hotel Monaco to spend the rest of the day on my laptop when I looked up and saw signage for So You Boutique, a shop that specializes in spray tans.  I haven’t had a spray tan for at least 4 years, as living in Southern California pretty much affords me the luxury of having a natural tan year round.  However, since it had been a bit chilly lately, I was much more pale than I would like to be and as such, I thought that a spray tan might not be a bad idea before my upcoming big date.  I popped into the shop to check out the scene.  Behind the counter was a beautiful Asian woman name Thuy (pronounced “Twee”) and believe it or not, she was also the proprietor of this shop.  That is 3 out of the 3 businesses that I had visited that morning that were all operated by the people who own them.  The entrepreneurial spirit in Denver is  invigorating!

I asked Thuy about the spray tan and she explained the process to me.  The spray tans that I had experienced in the past where the type where you stand in a booth and get viciously sprayed with a foul smelling mist that inevitably ends up going up your nose…not exactly the most comfortable experience.  Especially the part afterwards where you cross your fingers and hope to God that it was evenly distributed and you don’t come out looking striped like a tiger.

This place is not that.

 Thuy herself applies the spray with a special canister which guarantees even, consistent coverage.  I couldn’t resist giving it a shot, and before I knew it I was buck naked having a stranger apply a golden tan to my overly pale body.  Thuy made me feel perfectly comfortable and by the end of the 30 minute process, I felt that I had made a new friend!  Hearing her story about how she came to start this boutique really is inspiring and I urge you to read her story at soyouboutique if you have ever thought of becoming an entrepreneur.  I highly recommend stopping in to see Thuy to not only get the best spray tan in Denver, but you can also use her services for eyelash extensions as well as teeth whitening.

The people that I met in Denver during those 2 hours on that cold Wednesday morning made me want to go back sooner than later so that I can see what else this friendly city has to offer.

If you are in Denver, please go visit the below businesses and tell them that J’aime & Lu sent you!

Pressed Juice Daily

1111 N. Broadway

Denver, CO 80203


Accent Beauty

Nora McGarraugh

307 West 11th Ave.

Denver, CO 80204


So You Boutique

Thuy Dam

317 West 11th Ave.

Denver, CO 80204


Hotel Monaco Denver

1717 Champa Street

Denver, CO 80202