A few years ago a crazy voice told me I had to do a 100 day couch surfing adventure in Denver. It told me to put my things at the studio and see what magic showed up for me. I thought I was going to crazy because what woman at the age of 35 chooses to be homeless for 100 days?! I was living in a wonderful home in the Highlands and life was beginning to be stable. The voices told me if I did it, it would open doors, I would never be “homeless.”

Miraculously I always had a place to stay. Some I got paid to watch pets or do some kind of work. Sometimes I would be there by myself, sometimes with others. I landed in some of the most beautiful homes in Denver and formed wonderful friendships and memories.

Something odd happened during this time. When I came to each home, I would be able to feel the space. I became really sensitive to space. I have daily rituals, one being meditation. I couldn’t meditate just anywhere, I had to find a spot with the most shakti. This is when I started creating sacred spaces for myself. A house is just a house. To make a house “home,” you have to be able to rest your head and heart.

The sacred space sometimes was a certain chair, in front of the fireplace, in the kitchen, at the front door, at the back door. If I didn’t start or end my day in this space, I was very scattered, anxious, and frustrated. The sacred space brought me peace, I wasn’t so scared of the uncertainty. I was able to be present and make decisions with clarity, ease, and joy. Finding sacred space became a must where-ever I slept at the moment.

Do you have a sacred space at your home? This is so important to find your peace. It’s easy to find and makes the day more fun.

Walk your home and feel into it. Ask, “Where do I feel is the strongest point of energy to renew me NOW?” It can change throughout the month, season, year. You can have more than one spot. Then make an alter or put grounding objects that bring you joy. It doesn’t have to be fancy! Just as long as works for you and you can always add to it.

Currently mine is right outside my back door. This is where I sit to do my meditation, morning pages, and yoga. Cosmo and Bella are out there with me along with their beds because I’m out there for at least an hour. I have a journal, DVD player, yoga video, Ganesh stone, tuning fork, prosperity mala, pendulum, and my L-rods. When I do yoga, I give Bella a kiss every time the pose requires me to go down. I hold her while I do blessings and clearings. I set it up in the morning and then roll it up when I’m done. I have other sacred spaces in the home that are more permanent.

Give it a try and send me pics of your sacred space to inspire others.

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