Confession: I’m an emotional eater. I’ve had ice cream everyday for 2 weeks now. Sometimes 4x a day. Bella and I made cookies but I’m really the one eating it. We are in batch 2 now.

A few clients asked if I’m always positive. NO! The reason I have all these tools is because I’m not positive. I had to learn how to cope. I had to UNLEARN many society blocks from my culture and family. I had to learn words that described my emotions because I wasn’t allowed to feel. I suppressed a lot, in denial, and brushed things under the rug. I lied to myself a lot. I stuffed my feelings.

When I deny myself of my fears, worries, stress, sensitivities, joy, weird sense of humor, needs… it makes it worse. So I give myself this now. I don’t should on myself. I know after doing it a few times, I don’t need it anymore. I don’t crave it. I don’t make excuses for it. I transition into knowingness. MY body isn’t in resistance, I look for solutions and people to help me. I make decisions and stick to them.

This week will be a harder week energetically as it sinks in more of a reality. More people will be home…you’ll want to be quarantined from your partner! 🙋🏻‍♀️😄 you’ll maybe feel you are doing 3x more work than when you were working even though you are home…the spectrum of emotions will be more and faster. You aren’t going crazy and you aren’t alone. I feel it, I feel you.

Just be aware and then check in to where it goes. We have over 60,000 thoughts a day. 90% are the same thoughts. In times of solitude, we become aware of these thoughts. We don’t like them. Some of them are our demons.

Don’t feel guilty or shameful of them. Challenging times makes us be more of what we already are and a chance for us to become who we want to be.

Don’t judge yourself. Just BE with it. Turn it up. Let it out through journaling, singing, dancing, or EFT (tapping). Find HUMOR in it. Develop comedian skills where you turn the serious into something funny and laugh at yourself. (I love Ally Wong! She’s so wrong but so right.)

I’ve gotten back to a state of normalcy where I have one treat now 😋

You are doing AWESOME 👏🏿 Stop judging yourself.

Sending you much peace, love and joy.