Aloha Lovely!

This week is the midway point between the winter solstice and spring equinox. There is a weaving of many energies as things begin to settle…somewhat.

If things are coming together for you, great! Please don’t feel guilty for this. We need your higher vibe to pull some of us forward.

If you are having a hard time, that’s normal too. There are times in the cycle where we are in the fertile void.

February is a transition month and it is somewhat furious…The Muses tell me to feel it all, which is why I’m calling it FEELING and FREQUENCY FEBRUARY.

Even though I know these energy waves, I must experience them as well for transformation. I’ve been having bouts of crying fest out of no-where. But I know this is me clearing for others, myself, and my lineage…more on that later. Confession: It’s not easy

Awareness is key to come back to a state of HARMONY. Things can change rapidly and be redirected.

If you start on the energy field, it will be more magical. So I’ve been called to help you reset with my 28 Day of Diffusing Your Challenges Reset. It’s all the tools I’ve been using and downloading this past year.

This is a FREE program. You can use any products you choose and I’ll give you my suggestions.

This program is to give you tools so you can change the situation using your senses, tap into your intuition. It’s about living in the light with glimpses of the dark instead of living in the dark with glimpses of the light.¬† These fast change and challenging times are actually opportunities for limitless potential.

I’ll be emailing you with 3 tools/tips/rituals weekly to practice and play with.

There will be 2 LIVE Zoom calls each week where I’ll teach these blissiplines. You’ll get the replays if you miss it. Thursdays at 10A and Saturdays at 9A MST.

We will practice together. You will get to experience how others feel and so you can get activated faster. We will end with a co-creation meditation or clearing. The energy of the group will determine most of these things.

This is my beta program. I don’t really know what I’ll be doing exactly. I’ll be adding things as we go depending on the group. The Muses tell me I don’t have to know, I MUST TRUST.

The Muses tell me 2023-2030 will not be easy years. They are years of so many possibilities and potential as long as we can shift the perspective. The answers lie in creativity and art. We are suppose to live fully.

The program starts FEBRUARY 20th, on the NEW MOON. This is suppose to GIVE, FLOW and be FUN.

I will have a week of prep before dripping some spiritual basics and some things you may want to get beforehand, like a tuning fork, essential oils, tarot or oracle cards.

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