Mid August I did a workshop at the Omega Institute with Jean Haner called “Clear Home, Clear Heart.” There was a labyrinth in front of the cabin I stayed in. I really do not know much about labyrinths. Heard it was a walking meditation and how you walk the labyrinth is how you walk life.

thuy_labyrinthI decided I would walk it every day and at the center, I would make a wish for healing and peace for the world. The second day I decided I would eat ice cream while walking it because I love ICE CREAM! While walking it, the yoga instructor I had that morning saw me and said I looked like pure JOY. The next day a classmate said she saw me walking the labyrinth and I looked like a little kid, the essence of JOY. When I walked the labyrinth that day, I noticed on the wrapper of the ice cream the word JOY with a heart on it. At the center of the labyrinth, I tossed the wrapper in it and sent out the intention of JOY to the world.joy ice cream

Joy and happy may seem similar but they are different. Joy is a state, a vibration of feelings and energy. Happy is a result of decisions you choose to feel. The “Y” in joy makes your lips curve up naturally. The “Y” in happy does not do the same. Try saying the two words now and see how your lips curve up with joy and straighten with happy.

The top three vibrations are Love, Joy, and Peace. Love vibrates at 1000 decibels, followed by joy. We are all vibrations of energy. This is why some people just feel good to be around.

I wasn’t always this way nor did I believe in these things. As I explored these concepts, my vibration, thoughts, words, and actions changed. As my internal world changed, my outer world and attraction changed. The more I leaned towards JOY, the less chaotic my life was. I cared less about what others thought and became more accepting of others and myself. I started to create my life with more vision, presence, intuition, and appreciation.

If you are desiring more changes or more joy in your life, I invite you to try some of these things. You can re-direct the energy for more love, peace, and joy at anytime. Energy cannot be destroyed or created, only transformed. Some things will shift instantly and then subtle changes sync up miraculously. It then starts to compound.

First of all, clear up your environment, home and office. Elizabeth Gilbert wrote a beautiful blog in which she asked why would you harbor a home with things that make you unhappy? It’s like having a museum of grief. Clutter is chaos and it blocks “chi” into your life according to feng shui. I got rid of everything that didn’t bring me joy at this moment. This included nick-nacks, pictures, letters, clothes, purses, shoes, appliances, tools, furniture, beauty products, technology. Beauty products that were half used that I didn’t use anymore, I gave to woman’s groups. The things you keep, you will cherish more and take care of better. Somehow you end up putting thingvesta_airyfairyairplants away as you go and your environment stays clean and clear longer.

Put out things that make you happy where you can see everyday to anchor the feeling. Plants and objects of color are vital. Get fresh flowers for yourself every other week or once a month. I re-arrange my AiryFairy Airplant orbs and put new message rocks in it for what I want to call in.

As you get rid of things, send it off with a loving ritual where you thank it for what it did for you. As I gave it away to friends or donation, I hope it would bring joy to the next person for what they need.

Every week do threebefore and after airbrush tan things that feed your soul. Keep it simple! I plan these things FIRST and put it in my calendar. For me, it must be something creative, build a relationship I want to grow, or have something to do with nature. Some of my favorite things to do is go paint at Canvas and Cocktails, horseback riding, paddle-boarding, go to the museum, farmers market…then I invite people to do it with me.  In return, I get invited to more gatherings and learn something new.

Lastly do something that makes you feel beautiful, just because you deserve it. There doesn’t need to be a reason. Get your nails done, a massage, an energetic healing, an airbrush tan! It’s amazing what a tan can make you feel.

As the year comes to an end, you will be filled with obligations. Say yes to the things that bring you joy and get on the no train with the other stuff. Do not feel guilty about. There is an opportunity cost to everything that you say yes to. You will be more effective and come from a place of JOY, flowing with ease and abundance.

If you found this helpful, please share it! Sending JOY to you.


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