March is when things “spring” up and life comes back to nature. In Denver, so many events like St. Patty’s Day and Opening Day are big celebrations. And then there is Spring break and the start to wedding season.

More tans are needed so we get to see lots of returning clients. We love catching up with them Some clients are year around,  and some are just seasonal or occasional. I would love to see more people tan just because it makes them feel good. For me, it’s like wearing sexy underwear. I’m so much more fun and creative when I wear sexy underwear for no reason. You really don’t need a special occasion to have a spray tan.

This March I really would love to help “awaken” clients hearts with our new Ascension Station. I would love for them to explore their spiritual inner side and raise the vibration, live more of their authenticity.  The theme for me this year is “Stepping Into the Light.” It’s my fire year and it’s about joy, love, and closing up a nine year cycle. If you were born in 1933, 1942, 1951, 1960, 1969, 1978, 1987, 1996, 2005, or 2014 this is the year’s theme for you as well. If you ride the energy current correctly, this can be an amazing year of connections and adventures. I can help you discover your path with a Chinese face reading.

To Raise the Vibration of my Stepping Into the Light year, my campaign is “2 smiles, 2 hugs, and 2 blessings” DAILY! This should take only 1 minute a day. It could easily raise the energy field instantly and make such a big difference over a span of 1 year. It’s the daily little rituals we do that become habit and lifestyle.

It’s really simple you may miss it. Just aim for 2 of each a day. With the smile, Smile BEFORE THEY DO! This sets the tone of the encounter. When you give a hug, you also receive a hug. It also increases the Oxycontin level of both parties. Pick 2 people a day and send a silent blessing to them, “I wish for you a happy life.” I learned this from a Buddist monk. You cannot help but smile when you do this. This is especially powerful if you pair it do it for a person you don’t particularly like or you must forgive. This really dissolves the dense energy field.

So please join me in this campaign and let me know you results. Be prepared for more people to open up to you and doors opening to you in this miraculous and magical month.