Happy Mother’s Day to all mom’s out there. Being a mother is truly the hardest job in the world.

Mother’s Day makes me think of the story below because of the wisdom mothers teach us. Oddly I told this story at least 3 times this week doing airbrush tanning, eyelash extensions, and laser teeth whitening. Doing So You Boutique services are never just beauty services, its also therapy for them and for me.  A few shared with me their recent struggles and how they just wanted to give up. We’ve all been there so I shared with them a story that gets me out of the dumps and makes me check in on how I want to be.

A young lady was venting to her mom how life is “so hard,” how she wanted to give up, she doesn’t know what it is all for, didn’t know how she was going to make it. Her mom took her into the kitchen and had her take out 3 pots, put water into them and boil them. She had her daughter put a carrot, egg, and coffee bean in each pot and watch what happens. After 20 minutes the daughter said she didn’t understand. Her mother then explained, “Each item was put in hot water and look how they turned out. The carrot came in HARD but ended up SOFT. The egg started SOFT but came out HARD. The coffee bean was different, it was UNCHANGED…instead it CHANGED THE WATER. We all will be put in hot water and we can choose how we want to go into it and out of it. Be the coffee bean!”



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