Hello friend and fellow spiritual ninja,

Now that we are a few days into this health pandemic, I recognize that we are all experiencing different levels of anxiety and stress.

Many of you in this community are working from home.

Many of you with children, are without child care or have older kids at home due to school cancellations. If you are in Denver, I can help with 2 kids if you need childcare. I’ve been posting on my facebook and Instagram of the adventures Bella and I are having. We live in Lakewood. Reply to this email if you need it.

Some of you are worried about your own health or the health of your loved ones.

And many of you are wondering what you are going to do to stay sane and take care of yourselves.

And while you see all of these businesses scrambling to get something up online and make sure they are continuing to reach their audiences (good for them and their hustle!), you also may be a little overwhelmed about all the ‘offers’ that are coming your way.

As a result, it’s easy for the mind to go into overdrive, thinking, planning, wondering, thinking, planning and wondering some more…trying to make sense of the whole thing. This pattern of thinking is the very thing that keeps us in an anxious and sometimes panicked state. And that’s ok.

First, I want to tell you, YOU are doing a great job. I mean it.

Even if you feel like you are a mess. You are not. Even if you are in your pajamas all day, you are still doing great. Bella and I have been in PJ’s since Saturday. Even if you are not being productive, you are STILL doing great. Even if your kids are watching more TV than they ever have in their life, you are STILL doing great!! And if you are eating lots of ice cream like I am, that’s OK! It’s really ALL good.

With that… Now, more than ever, we have an opportunity to be our BEST selves. We have an opportunity to connect with ourselves, our families and our own creativity. We have an opportunity to slow down. We have an opportunity to clear things out, emotionally and physically. (Cleaning your closet is a GREAT activity.) We have an opportunity to make some beautiful things. This time requires that you tune in to your mind, your body and your heart and tune out all the extra noise that is causing you anxiety.

When we give our bodies, minds, and souls what they need — what they’re craving — we’re so much better equipped to handle what is in front of us with as much grace as possible. We are the 5 people we spend most of our time and energy with. Choose now to align with sources you respect and fill your energy field with that. THIS TOO SHALL PASS. We will survive this and a new shifts will come of it.

Notice how the flowers are growing as you go on your walks…new life will come with this season.

I’ve experience more people come together for support. I’ve talked to my neighbors more. I’ve had deeper connections. I’ve shared more health tips. I hope you have been enjoying the health and energy tips. Please share them if you find it helpful. Please use the meditations. Lots of it are on my YouTube. Just look up Thuy Dam.

I am open for business and I am taking all sanitary precautions. I’ve made some Young Living Essential Oils products for you to use, sample, and take home that are antibacterial with your service. Getting energy work done can do wonders for you. We can also do energy work and face readings REMOTELY via facetime and skype. A spray tan can boost your mood even though you have no where to go. I can also do MOBILE Services for you. Maybe now is a great time to have a space clearing? We can have a family FACE READING PARTY!

Treat this time as a universal love gift of a RETREAT. It’s a STAYCATION! See it as a time that is working FOR you and not TO you. Ask “how can I help” to be of service to the collective.

Sending you healthy and happy vibes