Contrary to popular belief, this time of the year is NOT the most wonderful time of the year. Seasonally, its fall transitionally to winter. The days get darker and darker til the winter solstice. Some things are suppose to die off for new energy to come in. The winter solstice marks the return to light. This is why all the holidays around this time revolve around LIGHT.

The holidays isn’t always about happiness, its a hard time emotionally. Many years I actually went through depression. I also have a hard time with SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER (SAD). Until I was aware of this and energy work, I thought something was wrong with me.

You are suppose to experience this contrast so you can appreciate all seasons and experiences. By letting go of how you “should” feel at this time, you can let that energy shift you to questioning what is missing in your life now for you to be happy. Make a decision on how you want to FEEL. Then simply be aware of what you want to let in and let go off. Be open to the people that show up. The universe is always working in your favor, you just have to see it that way. If you meditate, it will be more peaceful.

This time of year is also about coziness. I hope you join me each month in our Hygge event. It’s free and held at the ascension station of So You Boutique. Hygge is Dutch for gatherings to cultivate the appreciation of contentment and coziness in everyday living. On Sunday November 26 from 4-9P we will be making Boho wreaths. I love wreaths because it welcomes in the chi at your entrance. It also energetically tells your body you are home. It welcomes your guest.

Bring a wreath to decorate and anything you want to put on it. Bring stuff you want to get rid of, it may be something perfect for someone’s wreath! I have tons of stuff I want to get rid of for you to chose from.

The space is small, please register. I also want to make sure I have enough food and drinks to share. =)