Recently we added an Ascension Station to So You Boutique and have an in house astrologist, Jim Trader. I love the moon phases and know how it can affect all life energetically. I especially like the NEW MOON because this is when manifestations are more likely to happen if you set intentions and have rituals for them. Here’s what Jim has for November. Enjoy!

The New Moon always represents a great time to set an intention. On the day of the New Moon, whatever we tell the universe what we want to see in our lives is more likely than usual to manifest in the following two weeks, as the Moon waxes toward Full.

In November, with the New Moon on Saturday Nov. 18th occurring in late Scorpio, any intentions we set on this Saturday regarding control will be especially powerful. If there’s a habit we know we need to change, but never quite get around to doing, it, this New Moon may give you the boost you need…if you ask. If there’s a person we need out of our lives—or someone we need to let in, that we’ve always been afraid to—Saturday is a great day to set that boundary (or open that door). Scorpio is also the great detective of the Zodiac. If there’s a mystery in your life that you’ve long wanted to solve, set your intention this New Moon to find that answer. You’re very likely to find that very answer washed up on the sands of your awareness within the next two weeks.