I won’t be around the bush, This November can be a hard November, especially towards the end of the month. I hope you take this information so you can be part of the 11% that THRIVE. 50% will go into victim, blame, anger, excuses and be stuck. 30% will be challenged. 7% will go into the void. 2% won’t make it.
According to the old calendar, November is the 9th month. 9 is the number for COMPLETION. With completion, there are always new beginnings.How will you write this chapter? Mercury is in Retrograde and we are in SCORPIO. Communication, Compassion, and Openness will be key to unlocking the doors of opportunities. This is your chance to let go and CHOOSE again.
The present energies won’t occur again for 12 years. A new activation portal opens 11:11. Some of us have a hard time with endings. If you can shift to the concept that nothing ends, it’s just a continuem, you can transition powerfully and re-pattern beliefs and DNA codes.
I encourage you to SLOW down. LISTEN. Check in with your feelings and/or what triggers you. Ask why and what are you going to do about it for the highest good. Don’t take anything personally. Check in with the vibration of the other person or situation. Ask how is this good for me to grow/expand? It’s a chance for you to heal a wound. Let go of your need to be RIGHT. What would it take for you feel fullfilled and happy? RESPOND from that. It may take a couple of days. Ask for that time and come back with compassion. Don’t be reactive.
What you can do energetically
1. Start to DREAM again. What would you like your life to feel like? What would you like more in your life? What type of people would you like more of? I actually just wrote my list of 200 goals/wishes again and 200 people I want to grow with. I made several copies so I re-read it EACH day. I have a copy of it on a grid with a quartz crystal to program it. There is a reason why quartz is placed in clocks and computers!
2. At the end of the day, do a meditation. Chopra just started a new one. Download Calm. Do mantras with your mala. I have 3 available for download. On my YouTube the Lotus Mudra Meditation is free. This mediation is magical. If you purchase my meditations (it’s in our shop of the website) and it doesn’t work, I’ll refund your money!
3. Before going to bed journal your 10 gratitudes and ask “How would I want my tomorrow to be?”
4. Come to our Holistic Happy Hour, tune into our events, get readings and healing/energy work. I do remote work via facetime and Skype. It’s just information. It can really give you insight and awareness of your blind spots.
5. Use Essential Oils! Scent is the fastest neuro-transmitter to change a mood. When your nose smells a scent it activates a part of your brain that is mood alter. Diffuse it, apply it on pressure points, add it to your lotions, bath with it.
We are starting our 12 day essential oil challenge 11/11. I sent an email on how essential oils is like ancient medicine and can heal on so many levels. I want to help YOU heal and feel a difference too. I’m offering my guidance with this 12 day essential oil challenge. It’s FREE, you just have to order the package. If you sign up on essential rewards with your order you’ll also get a free bottle of a featured oil. I’ll also send you 3 roller bottles and 2 spray bottles so you can mix up combinations. Order NOW so you start the challenge November 11th with us. Collectively we all heal more together. You can do this challenge at anytime though.
essential oil, young living
Give yourself this gift because it can really be a game changer 🙄🤗🙋🏻
Sign up on YoungLiving.com
My member number is #17089096
Here’s the YouTube video on the program
6. Eat the Rainbow
Eat high vibration foods. Mangos, papayas, and tropical fruits are from tropical places and eating it will help your body energetically. Go WHOLE grains and rooted vegetables. The darker the veggie/fruit the better!
7. Exercise, especially among small groups
This helps you with accountability and their energy will lift yours.
8. Tap (EFT)
9. Sleep
Especially between the hours of 11-3A. This is when your subconscious finds your answers to show up for you. This is also the most healing times. Put your phone in another room so you don’t absorb the EMFs.
10. Spray tan! It’s faux Vit D
It’s amazing how a spray tan can make you feel. Book your appointment online now
May you be in your POTENTIAL and feel blessed and inspired
Important energetic dates during November
November 1th – Beltrane
November 5th – Election – VOTE!
Best to avoid politics – you don’t have to tell people what you voted. Mercury is in retro!
November 11 is the 11.11 Activation Portal
Anything you do during this period will be amplified into the field.  Do our 12 day essential oil challenge!
November 12 is the FULL Moon in Taurus

Great for completing long term goals but you’ll feel conflicted with thoughts and feelings potentially heading in different directions
November 20 is the end of the Mercury Retrograde (yippeee!!) & start of last shadow period
November 22 we shift into the Sun sign of Sagittarius
You will feel a new freedom to be SEEN but be mindful of your own impatience! It’s best if you can stay home 11/22-11/23 to avoid accidents. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
November 26 is the NEW Moon in Sagittarius
Warning: potential for increased anxiety & indecision around wealth/success potential – stay the course! 11/26-11/28 be in contentment and enjoy the company of your family but be sure to have sacred time and sacred space. Be OPEN to rewrite your story or perception from childhoold wounds.
November 28 Thanksgiving