My partner Chris keeps on attracting health conditions that stop him from being productive. When you keep attracting something, you gotta check in the energy field to find the blocks. Sometimes the underlying blocks are in a totally different area then you think it is.

He’s now in vibrations of overwhelmed. This causes lower level entities to stick to him. Lower level entities weaken the immune system and lowers your vibration. It is also passive self sabotage. You’ll use the words “have to, need, try, and should.” These are lower vibration words and cause denseness in your field as well. Your body will actually avoid doing these things because it is associated to work and pain. You will consistently have one health problem after another.

The energy prescription: Use the word “must.” Even though you don’t want to do something but you know you must, your body just finds a way to do it. There is less resistance and your body doesn’t question it. It finds the quickest way to get it done. Try it now.

Say “I need to workout today.” Give it a minute and see how you feel.

Now say “I must workout today.”
Give it a minute and feel the difference in the energy in your body. You will notice it’s less of a fight and not as heavy feeling. You don’t find distractions to do before you get to gag task. It just is…

Here’s the spiritual ninja way to transform the energy. Make your Must list. State it out loud what you must do, say, be…and then say “…and it is done.”

To anchor it, get quarters and put it in your pocket. Throughout the day say your musts, grab a quarter and put it in the other pocket and say “it is done.”
This energetically accumulates abundance in money, time, experiences, it’s acting as if it already happened…and it will magically!

The more you do this, the more fun you will have and be more productive instead of busy. Busy steals your peace and happiness.

Hope this raises your vibration!